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WaveShape – A high-intensity workout designed by Adam Rosante for the Calavera Girls
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What is WaveShape?

WorkoutWaveShape is a new, hard-core original workout regimen designed to get you bikini or boardshort ready. Anna Jerstrom, Owner/Founder of surf-ready swimwear brand Calavera tapped celebrity fitness expert and fellow surfer Adam Rosante, Creator of The People’s Bootcamp, to design a workout that would enhance their performance and get them in "wave shape" in time for summer.

The result is a high-intensity, 45-minute full-body workout designed to create a slim-yet-strong surfer’s body, build explosive power, increase total body strength, skyrocket endurance, improve flexibility, and boost confidence.

"This workout caters to all types of athletes regardless of fitness level," says Adam Rosante. "It takes the multi-dimensional movement patterns used in surfing to boost functional strength and endurance that works on the waves and builds a tight, toned body that looks great on shore."

How will WaveShape work?

You can join the Calavera girls and WaveShape launching on June 1st with a month long challenge, in which participants will do the WaveShape workout three times per week plus two days of cross training of his or her choice. Video workouts of Adam putting UK Women’s Surfing Champion Evie Johnstone through the paces will be available for free streaming on the WaveShape website right from your home. There will be give-a-ways every week and Anna, Evie, and members of the Calavera crew, including SUP expert Darian Boyle will be tracking their progress and providing training tips throughout the month via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram using #WaveShape.

"Whether you’re seeking the strength and agility to excel in the water, or want to create the long, lean shape of a surfer’s physique, the workout Adam created for us will help you achieve your goals," says Anna Jerstrom. "You’ll look and feel great, and you certainly don’t need to be a surfer to benefit from the results."

The fun doesn’t stop in June. The WaveShape website will live on to keep participants ready to take on waves and continue to increase their fitness levels into the summer and beyond.


About Adam Rosante

Adam RosanteAdam Rosante, CPT, is a celebrity fitness trainer and creator of The People's Bootcamp, a pay-what-you-can fitness program that hosts consistently sold-out crowds and is said to be "taking New York by storm".

As a fitness expert, Adam is a guest on television shows such as Today with Kathie Lee & Hoda and CBS' The Couch and is frequently called upon by a variety of fitness, wellness and beauty publications to create workout plans and offer expert advice. Such publications include SELF magazine, Elle, Cosmo for Latinas, Metro NY, Well + Good, RateYourBurn and Blood, Sweat & Cheers.

Though he's embarrassed to admit it, he was originally inspired to start working out by Marky Mark (not kidding). He chalks it up to watching too much TV in the 90's. He was a… husky child. But an early routine of heavy weight lifting and cardio led to a lifelong love affair with fitness and nutrition.

His signature training style is a combination of physical and mental conditioning that creates a strong, healthy body and mind for life. His clients like to say, "I came for a great ass and stayed for a transforming perspective on life".

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The Calavera Surf Team

Anna Jerstrom

Anna JerstromRaised in Sweden, Calavera's founder Anna Jerstrom wasn’t exactly born into one of the world's great surfing destinations. After nearly a decade of working in the intensely demanding international investment banking environment, the Nordic beauty found herself dreaming of fleeing the stifling office atmosphere to attend a surf camp in Costa Rica. Once she got a taste of surfing, she was hooked.

"It's like finding the love of your life" says Anna of her transformative experience. A decision was made: she promptly quit her job, packed her bags, and moved full-time to the surfing destination, intent on mastering the sport.

Facing the swimwear issues every woman grapples with — tops and bottoms that won't stay put, exacerbated by the demands of surfing — she created Calavera: performance swimwear for women that can handle the most rigorous environments, yet is feminine and flattering enough for the most relaxed.

Anna's story has resonated with many-a-keen water women and has been reported in The Entrepreneur Magazine, Elle.com and Financial Times to name a few. Her swimwear has been featured in national publications such as Shape Magazine and Fitness Magazine.

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Evie JohnstoneEvie Johnstone

Born and raised in the UK, Evie Johnstone was introduced to surfing by her dad at an early age. At the age of 17, she ditched the wetsuit and the cold water off of the coast of England to pursue her love for surfing in the tropical waters of Costa Rica.

In 2012 she returned briefly to England to compete for the title of UK’s number one surfer – and won. Evie also runs a surf travel business in Costa Rica and writes a blog about her life as a sufer. She gives regular fitness advice in Surfgirl Magazine and had been featured in Women Surf Style Magazine and Intel’s advertising campaign.

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Darian BoyleDarian Boyle

Darian is not your “traditional sports girl”. She likes things extreme. “Extreme” meaning: man vs. nature; where the odds aren’t in your favor, nor can they be controlled. Darian was a pioneer in woman’s freeskiing-extreme skiing. For years, she was one of the top female athletes in the world – dominating the skiercross circuit and helped to pave the way for the sport. After suffering a severe accident, Darian started working as a broadcaster, covering sporting events for ESPN, ESPN2, Fox Sports Net, ABC Sports and many more. She has continued her passion for the extreme, pushing herself in the fields of Paddle boarding and surfing. Darian is an ambassador for YOLO Boards and hosts a Stand-up radio show on Stoke Radio.

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Nancy DixonNancy Dixon

Born and raised in England, Nancy Dixon has spent the past 7 years in Costa Rica, building her Surf Adventure business Rica Surf. She is a qualified surf instructor and spends most of her days in the water helping hundreds of people discover surfing in the warm waves of the country.

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Amy StevensAmy Stevens

Amy Stevens is a true water woman and adrenaline junkie. She surfs, cliff dives and more recently, decided to start flowboarding. Amy sets her goals high, and in 2010 she decided she wanted to be the world champion of the sport. In 2011 she won the championship in South Africa and she successfully defended her title in 2012. When not pulling insane tricks on her flowboard, Amy works as an emergency room nurse in San Diego.

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