10 Recumbent Exercise Bike Benefits

A good recumbent exercise bike has got your back

Recumbent exercise bikes are similar to regular upright exercise bikes in all aspects, except for the seating position. It can be compared to something akin to an armchair with a sloped back and wider seating surface to provide more comfort and back support to the body.

While one needs to bend forward to grab onto the handles in an upright exercise bike, the recumbent bike has handles beside the seat to enable comfortable support even while cycling at high speeds or performing HIIT exercises.

Given below are some of the major benefits of recumbent exercise bikes-

1. Recumbent Exercise Bikes Help Burn Calories:

Using recumbent exercise bikes is the same as using a normal bicycle or exercise bike. Cycling is a great way to burn fat, get your heart rate up and stretch your respiratory system. The continuous movement of the legs targets the entire lower body, the lower abs and supporting muscles, which requires a lot of energy.
To provide energy while performing this exercise, the body starts burning fat to provide the necessary calories which is the most important part of weight loss. A properly designed spin bike routine can help burn up to 700 calories per hour. A routine of cycling 5 hours per week can potentially result in weight loss of more than 1 pound a week.

2. Recumbent Exercise Bikes Help Improve Respiratory Fitness:

Recumbent exercise bikes can help to get your breathing rate up due to the constant exertion placed on your lower body. Compared to upright exercise bikes, recumbent exercise bikes provide a more stable seating and position which enables more vigorous exercise. This, in turn, forces your body to provide more oxygen to the active muscles. This is achieved by pumping up the rate of breathing which improves lung capacity and oxygen absorption capabilities.

3. Recumbent Exercise Bikes Help Build Muscle:

Recumbent exercise bikes are extremely well suited to a type of exercise routine called Tabata or High- Intensity Interval Training which is considered the best type of workout for losing fat while building muscle.
This is characterized by a minute or two of cycling at the highest possible speed followed by rest of about 30-45 seconds. This type of workout helps get the heart rate to extremely high levels which helps to trigger the respiratory and the circulatory system, while the stops and starts help to stimulate the fast- twitch fibers which are responsible for the growth of muscles. This results in a workout which gives the benefits of cardio as well as muscle building.

4. Recumbent Exercise Bikes Are Convenient:

Most people love to cycle since this is one of their first memories as children, and who doesn’t love a touch of nostalgia while helping your body become healthier. But with most people living in cities with a huge amount of traffic, irregular work hours which extend late into the nights, difficulty with managing work and personal lives, bicycling has taken a back seat and has become only a weekend hobby except for a fortunate few people.
However, with a recumbent exercise bike at home, you can choose to cycle at any time of the day for whatever duration you want, without any difficulties or worries- be it late night or early in the morning. The temperature, climate, traffic, pollution and other hindrances become immaterial.

5. Recumbent Exercise Bikes Are Comfortable:

Despite the fact that cycling is considered a moderate-intensity exercise, most people tend to give up cycling as they grow older since the roads and trails which they used to take are pothole ridden and cycling on such stretches puts a certain amount of strain on the knees. However, with recumbent exercise bikes, these worries are a thing of the past since they are stationary and operate on a jerk-free mechanism and the transition from high to low speeds and vice versa is gradual and does not cause any kind of strain to the knees, making them a great exercise tool for those with knee issues.

6. Recumbent Exercise Bikes Are Cheap:

A good bicycle capable of lasting several years can cost a lot more than a recumbent exercise bike. Apart from this, recumbent exercise bikes don’t have parts like tires, breaks etc. which need to be repaired or replaced often. Overall, nominal maintenance of the exercise bike is sufficient to ensure that it lasts several years. A definite benefit for saving on long-term expenses of a bike.

7. Recumbent Exercise Bikes Are Good For The Back:

Recumbent exercise backs come with an amazing back support and wider seats to ensure that you are in a comfortable position while exercising for even longer durations. This is of specific importance to older people and those suffering from back problems since the support ensures that the muscles of the back aren’t unduly strained or subject to excessive pressure which they cannot handle.
Apart from avoiding injury, they can also be used as an effective tool to help people recover from back injuries since it is difficult for people with back injuries to exercise at all. The relaxed posture and back support which these recumbent exercise bikes provide ensure that they can exercise and the process also stimulates the back muscles making them strong gradually so that the recovery process is accelerated.

8. Recumbent Exercise Bikes Promote Low Impact Workouts:

This is a definite benefit for those with arthritis or joint pains. Recumbent exercise bikes are a low impact activity, ranking only next to swimming on this scale. Apart from being easy on the body, they also promote great health benefits which make it a very appealing choice for elderly people trying to be healthy.

9. Recumbent Exercise Bikes Enable Multitasking:

Due to their superior seating arrangement, busy people can manage to multitask while exercising on recumbent exercise bikes- be it reading the newspaper, replying to emails or using a pair of dumbbells to give you a great upper body workout as well. This helps save time and makes exercising all the more appealing.

10. Recumbent Exercise Bikes Are Relaxing:

Even if you aren’t a fan of working out, there is no contesting the fact that riding a bike at your own pace, in a controlled environment, is a very soothing experience. Add to that, the fact that they are extremely comfortable and you could be sipping a cup of coffee or watching a movie while cycling makes it all the more enjoyable.