Booze & Gainz – Alcohol & Fitness | How One Beer Will Affect Your Fitness Goals

Alcohol and Fitness don’t necessarily go hand in hand but you can make it work.

One of the most aggravating parts of training and dieting for someone in their 20s is not being able to drink. Now, this doesn’t just affect young people but anyone who wants to enjoy themselves on the weekend or just relax with friends. So I decided to answer some of the questions many people ask in regards to alcohol and fitness. While you’re here, check out my Instagram. 🙂


  1. how does beer affect fitness?

In general, acute alcohol consumption, at the levels often consumed by athletes, may negatively alter normal immunoendocrine function, blood flow, and protein synthesis so that recovery from skeletal muscle injury may be impaired. Other factors related to recoveries, such as rehydration and glycogen resynthesis, may be affected to a lesser extent. Despite the facts associated with alcohol and fitness, most professional athletes still consume alcohol regularly.

“Importantly for males, when consumed acutely in large doses
(1.5 g alcohol/kg BW), alcohol has an adverse effect on
testosterone production which, together with an increased
the conversion rate of testosterone and androstenedione to their
respective estrogens lead to feminizing effects such as
gynecomastia and testicular atrophy [NBCI].”

  1. Will one beer affect fitness goals?

In short, yes but there’s much to that question, and it can actually be negligible depending on when you drink! Alcohol’s effect on recovery and performance depends on many factors including timing, post or pre-exercise, injuries, amount of alcohol and recovery time required before you begin another session. If you are free from harm, post exercise with a 24-36 hour window until your next exercise session. You should be able to consume approximately 0.5KG (not lbs) per body weight will not affect most aspects of recovery and is recommended if your alcohol is to be consumed.

alcohol & fitness

If you’d like to calculate how much you can drink in the 0.5 zone read my example below:

  • So my weight is 83 kg, that means I can consume 41.5 grams of pure alcohol.
  • So one drink = 12oz * 5% ABV = 12*.05 = .6 oz pure alcohol.
  • 17 grams per average beer (12 oz) so 2.4 drinks for me but you will need to calculate this based on your weight as well.
The same studies do show that consuming alcohol without a post workout meal is much more detrimental. That being said, you should consume alcohol after a post exercise meal to replenish your glucose level and protein for synthesis.


  1. Does a fitness beer or liquor exist?

Well, the market has begged for it, so where there’s a will, there’s a way. I personally have not tried any diet-related alcoholic drinks, but they do exist. I’ll leave a list below of the top rated products.

  • best light beer for fitness

The Kernel Table Beer has been rated as one of the best beers for people looking to watch alcohol consumption. With an average ABV of 3.0%, Kernel beer is an excellent choice for someone looking to curb their drinking habits for a healthier life. Albeit calories per serving is also a factor, our next item may help in that matter.

  • – Less Sugar. Fewer Carbs, Calories & Sulfites. No Additives.

FitVine did something that I think should’ve been done years ago. FitVine created a line of diet wines that actually taste good. They obviously cater their wine to the general audience as well. I personally would think they would target women, but as a man myself, I enjoy wine just as much as beer, the market is large and ungendered.

  • Small Beers

Last but not least would be a category of beer called “Small Beer.” Small beers are historically table beers that servants and children would drink the medieval ages. Mostly a small beer has a shallow alcohol content (typically around 1.0% abv). With such a low alcohol content and usually served in small containers, it is an excellent option for those cutting back. The two factors regarding alcohol and fitness is most beer contains a large amount of carbohydrates and alcohol. Avoiding those two as much as possible allows you to drink more.I think I may grab a small beer myself! (Don’t tell my coach 🙂 )

  1. Is beer good for fitness or recovery?

Sounds like a silly question at first, any person in the fitness industry who hasn’t done research would say “Of course not! You’ll instantly turn into a blob of fat!”. Fortunately for you, there’s actually evidence in research that shows that post-exercise alcohol consumption can increase your time in a catabolic state.


“When consumed after resistance exercise, a lower dose (0.83 g
alcohol/kg BW,) of alcohol, alters elevations in cortisol, thus
extending the post-exercise catabolic state, while at the
Same time having no impact on testosterone [75]. Intrigu-
ingly, when consumed after resistance exercise, a dose of
1.09 g alcohol/kg BW results in an increase in free and
total testosterone [76], a response opposite to that seen in
the absence of resistance exercise. While the findings of
Vingren et al. [76] suggest alcohol consumption has the
potential to aid in the recovery and adaptation after
resistance exercise, until further research, is carried out it is
premature to consider alcohol as a post-exercise tonic for
enhancing muscular recovery. [Researchgate]”


In conclusion

That information with the knowledge of what we discussed above in regards to consuming the right amount of alcohol and fitness post-exercise shows that beer isn’t necessarily the devil. You can enjoy one or two drinks and not feel too guilty. All that being said, the more you cut out of your diet the faster you will achieve your goals. In addition to your diet, an exercise regime consisting of cardio can increase the amount of calories burned in a day and also promote a healthier lifestyle. I suggest reading my article on some of the best home exercise equipment on the market!

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