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Booze & Gainz – Alcohol & Fitness | How One Beer Will Affect Your Fitness Goals

Alcohol and Fitness don’t necessarily go hand in hand but you can make it work.

One of the most aggravating parts of training and dieting for someone in their 20s is not being able to drink. Now, this doesn’t just affect young people but anyone who wants to enjoy themselves on the weekend or just relax with friends. So I decided to answer some of the questions many people ask in regards to alcohol and fitness. While you’re here, check out my Instagram. 🙂


  1. how does beer affect fitness?

In general, acute alcohol consumption, at the levels often consumed by athletes, may negatively alter normal immunoendocrine function, blood flow, and protein synthesis so that recovery from skeletal muscle injury may be impaired. Other factors related to recoveries, such as rehydration and glycogen resynthesis, may be affected to a lesser extent. Despite the facts associated with alcohol and fitness, most professional athletes still consume alcohol regularly.

“Importantly for males, when consumed acutely in large doses
(1.5 g alcohol/kg BW), alcohol has an adverse effect on
testosterone production which, together with an increased
the conversion rate of testosterone and androstenedione to their
respective estrogens lead to feminizing effects such as
gynecomastia and testicular atrophy [NBCI].”

  1. Will one beer affect fitness goals?

In short, yes but there’s much to that question, and it can actually be negligible depending on when you drink! Alcohol’s effect on recovery and performance depends on many factors including timing, post or pre-exercise, injuries, amount of alcohol and recovery time required before you begin another session. If you are free from harm, post exercise with a 24-36 hour window until your next exercise session. You should be able to consume approximately 0.5KG (not lbs) per body weight will not affect most aspects of recovery and is recommended if your alcohol is to be consumed.

alcohol & fitness

If you’d like to calculate how much you can drink in the 0.5 zone read my example below:

  • So my weight is 83 kg, that means I can consume 41.5 grams of pure alcohol.
  • So one drink = 12oz * 5% ABV = 12*.05 = .6 oz pure alcohol.
  • 17 grams per average beer (12 oz) so 2.4 drinks for me but you will need to calculate this based on your weight as well.
The same studies do show that consuming alcohol without a post workout meal is much more detrimental. That being said, you should consume alcohol after a post exercise meal to replenish your glucose level and protein for synthesis.


  1. Does a fitness beer or liquor exist?

Well, the market has begged for it, so where there’s a will, there’s a way. I personally have not tried any diet-related alcoholic drinks, but they do exist. I’ll leave a list below of the top rated products.

  • best light beer for fitness

The Kernel Table Beer has been rated as one of the best beers for people looking to watch alcohol consumption. With an average ABV of 3.0%, Kernel beer is an excellent choice for someone looking to curb their drinking habits for a healthier life. Albeit calories per serving is also a factor, our next item may help in that matter.

  • – Less Sugar. Fewer Carbs, Calories & Sulfites. No Additives.

FitVine did something that I think should’ve been done years ago. FitVine created a line of diet wines that actually taste good. They obviously cater their wine to the general audience as well. I personally would think they would target women, but as a man myself, I enjoy wine just as much as beer, the market is large and ungendered.

  • Small Beers

Last but not least would be a category of beer called “Small Beer.” Small beers are historically table beers that servants and children would drink the medieval ages. Mostly a small beer has a shallow alcohol content (typically around 1.0% abv). With such a low alcohol content and usually served in small containers, it is an excellent option for those cutting back. The two factors regarding alcohol and fitness is most beer contains a large amount of carbohydrates and alcohol. Avoiding those two as much as possible allows you to drink more.I think I may grab a small beer myself! (Don’t tell my coach 🙂 )

  1. Is beer good for fitness or recovery?

Sounds like a silly question at first, any person in the fitness industry who hasn’t done research would say “Of course not! You’ll instantly turn into a blob of fat!”. Fortunately for you, there’s actually evidence in research that shows that post-exercise alcohol consumption can increase your time in a catabolic state.


“When consumed after resistance exercise, a lower dose (0.83 g
alcohol/kg BW,) of alcohol, alters elevations in cortisol, thus
extending the post-exercise catabolic state, while at the
Same time having no impact on testosterone [75]. Intrigu-
ingly, when consumed after resistance exercise, a dose of
1.09 g alcohol/kg BW results in an increase in free and
total testosterone [76], a response opposite to that seen in
the absence of resistance exercise. While the findings of
Vingren et al. [76] suggest alcohol consumption has the
potential to aid in the recovery and adaptation after
resistance exercise, until further research, is carried out it is
premature to consider alcohol as a post-exercise tonic for
enhancing muscular recovery. [Researchgate]”


In conclusion

That information with the knowledge of what we discussed above in regards to consuming the right amount of alcohol and fitness post-exercise shows that beer isn’t necessarily the devil. You can enjoy one or two drinks and not feel too guilty. All that being said, the more you cut out of your diet the faster you will achieve your goals. In addition to your diet, an exercise regime consisting of cardio can increase the amount of calories burned in a day and also promote a healthier lifestyle. I suggest reading my article on some of the best home exercise equipment on the market!

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Best Carb Blockers – A PT Perspective | Brice Mansa

The Pros & Cons of Carb Blockers | TL;DR (They aren’t bad but your diet is)

Science is really breaking barriers every day, luckily for us even in the field of nutrition. You may have come across advertisements for “miracle pills” or Carb Blockers that stop your body from absorbing carbs so you can eat those Belgian Waffles and cornbread guilt free. So I have some bad news for you. Generally, those adverts are lies, but some actually do get the job done. Which ones? I listed two below. If you care to learn more, continue reading, if not, save a slice of pizza for me!

Best Carb Blocker Out Of The Mix: White Kidney Bean Based

– So what are Carb Blockers or Cutters?

A dietary supplement that controls the metabolic processing of carbohydrates from food. It should be noted that even if you can decrease the number of carbs your body processes, you will still process the fat and protein of the food. It should also be noted that you should always follow a healthy diet. No supplement is a substitute for an unhealthy lifestyle. Many people may have eating disorders and see this as a masking solution to their issue, but you should seek professional medical help instead.

Not all labeled carb cutters will work | Check Ingredients

So the biggest problem with carb blockers or cutters isn’t the abuse from individuals. The true harm comes from the abuse from companies abusing the fact our supplement industry is so corrupt. You need to be careful when shopping for vitamins or indeed any form of dietary supplement. Here are 3 ingredients to look for when you are looking for a blocker.

White Kidney Bean Extract

– restricts amylase which will then limit digestion of starch.


is an extract of the maqui berry and it lowers the blood glucose and improves the lipid profile in PRE-diabetic individuals.
Chromium aka Cr – Most research I’ve found shows that chromium may not regulate insulin and your metabolic levels if you aren’t diabetic or have a deficiency. That being said I don’t usually advise looking for products that advertise that as a single listed ingredient.

carb blockers & good food

A consistent diet of low glycemic foods and exercise can’t be beaten by supplements

I eat a lot of Broccoli, Chicken breast, Brown Rice and Belgian Blue Beef and my diet get boring. This is typical for people who have coaches or follow diets in the fitness world. That being said, a normally active person doesn’t need to develop a boring menu. I think the Mediterranean diet is pretty damn exciting. Most importantly whatever your choice of diet is, you need to be more concerned about following a diet rich in low glycemic foods. Supplements like carb blockers cant mask bad habits completely (yet). Just like you can’t beat a bad diet in the gym or in a soul cycle class (or whatever your favorite form of spinning is). No amount of supplements can beat a healthy low glycemic diet.

In Conclusion

In my personal opinion, theirs nothing wrong with the occasional supplement use. I will do my best to review a few of them and let you all know how I feel myself. The issue with OVERDOING it is you’ll be clearing out rooms with your farts. You will have some loose stool, and most importantly you will have a horrible diet. You will be hurting your goals and wasting that gym membership. Everything in moderation for the athlete and the normie.

Science Backing

Why Is Peloton So Expensive?

The peloton isn’t expensive to the people who love the sport.

Almost every person who is into indoor cycling of any kind has heard of the peloton- the behemoth that has become a status symbol of sorts for every cyclist out there. There has been so much said about it that almost everyone knows even the most intricate details about it. Right from the scintillating hardware, the display, the semi-celebrity fame of the trainers, the highly immersive user experience and the impressive enrolment- everything seems to be out of the world. Moreover, that includes the price.

It’s a premium bike with a premium price.

Yes, it’s true. The peloton costs approximately $2000, and you need to shell out even more than that to get the complete experience- including some very pricey attachments. Also, to the shock of most people, this cost does not include the fees for the classes, which cost $39 per month for an unlimited membership.

If you’re looking for premium but at a different price range, check out the Espin.

Let’s see why the Peloton is so expensive.

1. The Peloton Is Made Of Premium Materials:

The significant expense in any hardware is mostly the raw materials used, and the Peloton is no different. It is made of carbon steel and aluminum and consists of a weighted flywheel to control the resistance. Added to this, it weighs about 130 pounds, which is bound to push up the number of raw materials used, and hence increase the necessary cost of the raw materials.

It’s appropriately engineered, with care.

The developers have also gone to great lengths to ensure that the equipment is hardy, lasts long and does not need much maintenance- case in point being the sweat proof display screen. They have also guaranteed that even the longest of workouts are comfortable with a supremely comfortable seat.

2. The Peloton Has The Latest Technology:

If this were not evident from the first look, we’d repeat it. The peloton is made using the best in class technology, which is essential keeping in mind the functionality it provides. The bike is engineered in such a way that it is a breeze to use. It doesn’t feel weighted, runs appropriately at the resistance levels selected and has a much HD touchscreen system mounted on it. If that is not enough, it can be connected to the internet and transmits high-quality videos in real time. It has heart-rate monitors, shows you the number of calories burnt accurately apart from several other metrics like resistance, cadence, etc. Many of these features can be found on other spin bikes but these add-ons are simply engineered properly and you have no concern over dependability.

You have the selection of a multitude of terrains.

It also allows you to select various terrains to practice on, which is a huge plus for many people. It should suffice to say that assembling all this onto a single bike and ensuring that it looks classy and elegant, while at the same time, works without a hitch take some serious investment, which is bound to push up the price.

3. The Peloton Gives You Access To Great Content:

Most people are on the fence with the Peloton primarily due to the high cost of accessing the videos and workout routines. However, what needs to be realized here is that this is the first time that any company is offering such a service that requires extensive high-quality equipment to be set up at various centers across the world to get you to connect with the best trainers available in the world today.

Like having a personal trainer for a fraction of the price.

Not to mention the vast amounts that must be paid to these coaches who are minor celebrities in their own right. These coaches have extensive experience and create the most high-grade content that you could ever ask for. Let’s say that almost every one of the customers who has purchased the Peloton has said that the bike is as good as any other bike if not for the videos it gives them access to. That should give you an idea of how amazing the content is. Unfortunately, Lance Armstrong is not on the list of trainers (I wish).

4. The Peloton Experience Is Out Of The World:

The peloton enables users to experience the feeling of an indoor cycling class live, without having to leave the comfort of their homes. Added to this, it provides real-time feedback to both the trainers and the users via the internet connected touch-screen which relays the trainer’s commands to the user and the user’s metrics to the trainer to enable the trainers to get more involved and motivate the user to do better.

You have a friendly yet competitive family of riders.

The most significant benefit of the peloton is the real-time leader-boards which show the users the position they are in based on the program they choose and their performance in the session thus far. This involves the users like nothing else can since this gives them an incentive to push themselves and also gets their competitive juices flowing, not to mention making it a fun activity for friends using the peloton to indulge in while in the confines of their own homes. Science shows the effectiveness of this form of training.

In the end, it is all about immersion.

The immersive experience keeps people coming back for more and helps them stick to the workout for far longer than they normally would since they don’t get bored and feel like they belong to a group or a team which works together.


The peloton is expensive not just because it provides both a superior product and service, but also because it allows for an excellent experience which is unmatched by any other product out there. Until another product or service comes up which can provide the same function and exceptional product, the peloton will continue to be priced the same way. While it may seem expensive to most people, the fact remains that sales and subscriptions are booming, implying that it appears to be a fair deal for many people.

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Will Spin Class Help With Cycling?

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Spin classes are the latest craze in the fitness world today.

Everyone is espousing its health benefits, strength gains and a multitude of other positive things. Almost every city has spin classes being offered at essential fitness centers and gyms, and the trainers are much sought after.

Spin class is a group of people coming together and cycling, or spinning, as the trademark says, with an instructor who runs them through 30-60 minute class which varies every day based on the goals and requirements of the program.


Why are people looking into this form of exercise?


However, most people look for more than just health benefits and weight loss in spin class. Some true cycling aficionados want to improve their level of cycling. Would spin class help them improve upon this aspect? The following are some point which will help us determine if a spin class can help with cycling.

1. Spin class improves cardiovascular health:

This is a fact that no one can refute. Regularly spinning helps to build up your cardiovascular strength which means that your heart gets stronger and can pump a lot more blood than usual. While this stands true for almost every exercise, this effect becomes a lot more pronounced with the spin class. This fact in regards to the training is because spin classes typically employ several methods to keep track of the participant’s bodily functions.

This includes using a heart rate monitor to measure the heart rate levels of the participants through the course of the exercise. This enables the trainers to develop routines which are optimal for the participant, i.e., keeps their heart rate at a level which allows them to improve their cardiovascular fitness without excessively exhausting them.


Cardiovascular strength in a nutshell.

Therefore, regular spin classes, appropriately developed can certainly help build the cardiovascular strength that a cyclist requires to reach the next level. The best part is that this can be done scientifically by using the tools available in the spin class by a qualified training instructor which wouldn’t be typically available to you if you train by yourself.


2. Spin Class Improves Lower Body Strength:

Lower body strength is another aspect which is very important for severe cyclists for apparent reasons. Greater the lower body strength, the higher the power a cyclist can generate. This is of primary importance while accelerating or going up slopes or for that slight boost of speed required to edge ahead of their competitor at the fag end of the race.


Better than yoga because you pull a sweat.

Spin classes incorporate various routines stretched across different days. Each method has a specific goal. One familiar routine is the HIIT routine which involves spinning at maximum speed and intensity for a short amount of time followed by a brief period of complete rest. This kind of method has the benefit of targeting the fast twitch muscle fibers of the legs which are known to help develop strength and generate explosive power which is of the sort required for sudden acceleration and force.


Explosive training for added agility.

It also has the added benefit of preparing the body to conserve energy in cases where such explosive bursts need to be implemented several times, which mostly occurs on cycling tracks with a large number of sharp curves where the cyclist needs to slow down considerably, thereby reducing momentum and accelerate again once the curve has been negotiated.

3. Spin Class Helps Prepare For New Terrains:

What do you do when you have a race coming up in terrain which is hilly, but you live in a region where you can’t see even a small hill for miles? This is one of those situations where a spin class can help you out. When you are using one of the best spin bikes allow you to set the terrain and even program your circuits to help you develop your cycling skills across various environments and terrains.


A good trainer can make or break a class or schedule.

In combination with a good spin class trainer, this technique can help you get the training you require to make it big in unfamiliar terrain, while in the comfort of a gym right next to the home.

This kind of training can prove invaluable where your other competitors might not be able to adapt to the terrain as fast as you can. Even if you aren’t a professional cyclist and only pursue it as a hobby, a spin class can become a great way to enjoy and experience various terrains and test your skills at it, all the while improving your cycling skills.

4. Spin Classes Help You Gauge Your Weaknesses:

One of the best ways to improve your cycling is to identify your weaknesses and try to overcome them. Identifying gaps is the most challenging part here. However, when you go for spin classes, this changes. Spin classes enable you to minutely monitor your routine, heart rate, speed over specific intervals, record what terrains and methods you lag behind in, what points in the routine you are finding difficult to continue. All this data can end up helping you identify even the smallest of issues which can then help you understand how to target them and get rid of them to ensure you keep improving upon your performance week after week.

5. Spin Classes Can Prevent Overload:

One of the significant issues that long distance cyclists face is overload. Overload is pushing your body beyond levels that it can handle. When you overload, it results in many downtimes since you need to rest and allow your body to recuperate and recover from the ordeal.


Overload can be dangerous in real life.

This can happen at the most inopportune of times and can happen suddenly. For example, if you are out on a 20-mile ride in the countryside, ten miles to your finish point and back. When you reach your finish point, you realize that you are dehydrated and excessively tired with no way to contact anyone else. This means that you have no choice but to cycle back the rest of the 10 miles when you are exhausted beyond your capacity to withstand it. This leads to a severe overload on your body which can take a long time to recover from.


A spin class gives you the option to jump ship.

With spin class, you can opt to stop cycling at the point where you feel you can’t handle it anymore, and walk out of the gym and go back home in your car or get a cab. After a good night’s sleep, you can be back in the class the next day itself.


Spin classes can be used as a tool to help improve your cycling. Like any other tool, if used judiciously and cleverly, they can help make significant gains. The above points make it abundantly clear that spin classes can help with cycling in several ways. Check out our review of the sunny health indoor bike to grab one for your own home!


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IIFYM – Is It Fit For You? The Major Flaws.

IIFYM & “A calorie is a calorie”
violates the second law of thermodynamics.

If you’ve been active in the fitness community for a while now, even if you just follow a few folks on Instagram (quick plug). You have probably come across this abbreviation IIFYM or heard of the term “A Calorie is a Calorie”. Now, these two phrases are not quite the same and I will add more details into that further below. The point you should get from this post is that fitness, health, and nutrition go deeper than just the amount of food you can put in your mouth.


Thermogenesis – the process of heat from an organism. What does this have to do with anything? Well, it has to do with everything. Specifically, Thermogenesis has in relation to the second law of thermodynamics and why a calorie is not just a calorie. Here’s a quick reference on some data about how carbohydrates, fat, and protein are burned in your body’s metabolic process.


“There is a large literature on this subject and the general conclusion, as summarized in a recent review by Jéquier [15], is that thermic effects of nutrients is approximately 2–3 % for lipids, 6–8 % for carbohydrates, and 25–30% for proteins.”

A Carb is not just a Carb at all, First Blow to IIFYM

What that means for the curious, which should be anyone reading this article is that simply consuming calories for the sake of reaching your 2000 calorie daily recommendation is flawed logic. It is true that consuming more or fewer calories, in general, will help you gain or lose weight. What is more important though is consuming the right amount of calories. Seeing as proteins have the highest thermic effect in the body, it is best to increase the portion whilst decreasing carbohydrates. The reason I choose carbs over fat is that the average fit-minded individual doesn’t consume enough fat anyway. Especially with how the market is advertising what “diet” means these days.


Most people go to diets and the gym with the goal to lose weight. With the goal of losing weight in mind, it is in agreeance that a high protein/ low carbohydrate diet can lead to greater weight loss than isocaloric low-fat diets. [4]

The conclusion as to why a carb is much more than just another source of fuel.

So let me wrap up my first conclusion on the phrase “a calorie is a calorie”, it isn’t. Unfortunately, the food industry sees great value in increasing the carb content of foods and still selling them as “diet”. It’s easy to demonize fat for them because sugar and what are easy cheap fillers for food. Keep this in mind when you shop and choose what diet to follow. Let’s get to the next bit.


Results show that a modest increase in protein content and a modest reduction in the glycemic index led to an improvement in maintenance of weight loss. (3)

IIFYM is fun, without a doubt and getting into the gym should be a priority. Here’s the problem.

Most of my favorite bodybuilders have cheat days, like MASSIVE cheat days. Have you seen how the Rock pounds down pancakes? Those are all fun and all for someone who’s essentially maintaining a low glycemic diet and consuming small meals on the regular. Now here’s where IIFYM comes in and throws a curveball at your diet.

The Achilles heel in IIFYM is in the definition itself.

If It Fits Your Macros aka IIFYM, doesn’t address two key factors in dieting and fitness. When you consume food that contains calories (or some artificial sugars) it will have an effect on your blood glucose level. When you eat foods high on the glycemic scale, your body has to rush in insulin to keep your blood sugar in check. If you constantly consume primarily high glycemic foods (especially in large servings) your body will gain an insulin resistance. This insulin resistance will make it harder for you to lose weight and make you more inclined to diabetes.

The reason why The Rock can cheat but you cant afford to.

The average gym bro doesn’t pound down a serving of wheat chips and hummus. They’ll usually go for pizza for lunch, a burger for dinner and crack open a cold one with the boys at night. All those calories together may fit your caloric goal but they violate the first rule above, all calories are not equal in the laws of thermogenesis.


Not only do these types of foods not fit into your “diet” but they are also shooting your insulin resistance through the roof. This will only make it harder for you to lose weight or gain muscle properly.


So what’s the solution?


Eat proper servings of low-medium glycemic meals daily. Cheat days are a whole different topic for a later date. If you want to add some flair to your diet, you still can while staying on track. Even if you do eat a burger or occasion, make sure it’s a healthy option on the menu. The alternative is that you do not make it a habit. Generally, many low glycemic foods are fibrous which is another key factor in maintaining blood pressure, metabolism and cutting fat.


All in all, IIFYM is too broad and a calorie is NOT just a calorie. If you still want to follow it, I’d suggest buying a good piece of exercise equipment. You’ll need it.


Hope I didn’t put you to sleep! Here, have some food porn! Bye!

IIFYM is torture

[author] [author_image timthumb=’on’][/author_image] [author_info]Brice Mansa is a Youtuber, Fitness Fanatic, Dog Dad and reason you get off your ass and into the gym. Follow His Social Media: [/author_info] [/author]

Are Spin Classes Good For Weight Loss?

The true benefits of a spin class isn’t weight loss.


Spin classes are the latest fitness fad nowadays. With almost every gym hosting its own spin class, there is a lot of curiosity as to what they are. Spin classes are nothing but small groups of people being coached on exercise bike routines by a trainer. The routines are developed so that the optimum calorie burn is obtained and the members gain the most out of each class.

The training routines may vary from standard long duration flat, standard speed sessions to those simulating hilly terrain with huge variations in intensity. While they definitely sound good, we need to see whether they actually help with weight loss. Given below are the results of our analysis.

1.      Spin Classes Help Improve Cardiovascular Health:

The fact that longer durations of repetitive motion repeated day after day strengthens the cardiovascular system is well known. This is because your muscles need nutrients and energy to function. The requirement for energy becomes very high when muscles are in a state of constant contraction. This utilization of energy is what promotes weight loss.

When you perform a spin class routine, you invariably end up cycling for anywhere between 30-45 minutes at varying intensities. Your cardiovascular system would be working at full capacity for this duration, which enables it to improve every day. When the cardiovascular system improves, it improves circulation to the contracted muscles, which results in more energy being made available for that exercise. This enables you to push harder and burns more calories in turn. Effectively, your body actively burns more calories when you indulge in a spin class.

What’s more, the HIIT routines incorporated in the classes ensure that you keep burning calories even several hours after your session has ended.

2.      Spin Classes Help Build Muscle:

Most spin classes employ the concept of Tabata or HIIT, which involves a few minutes of explosive intensity followed by a brief amount of rest. It is similar to riding a hilly terrain where you require immense power to reach the top, then come down the slope easily and much faster.

This methodology has been known to trigger the fast twitch fibers which are responsible for muscle growth and density, compared to the slow twitch fibers which are triggered during long durations of continuous activity. It has a result similar to that of lifting weights since it mimics the same concept of contraction and relaxation.

As we know, muscle burns more energy per pound than fat. This means that if you replace one pound of fat in your body with one pound of muscle, you would burn up a higher amount of calories even while resting.

3.      Spin Class Improves Your Basal Metabolic Rate:

Spin class, especially when it includes HIIT, results in an increased basal metabolic rate. Basal Metabolic Rate or BMR is the number of calories the body burns while in a resting state. The higher the BMR, the greater the amount of energy burned and the greater the weight loss.

Spin class inclusive of HIIT results in effects similar to that of weight lifting- the muscles are damaged and need to be healed with nutrients and energy. This results increase in muscle density and size which further requires more energy to maintain. Effectively, the energy requirement of the body goes up.

If the intake of food is maintained, then it results in significant weight loss.

4.      Spinning Is A Low-Impact Exercise:

The major benefit with spin class is that spinning is a low-impact exercise. This means that it does not hurt the joints, of the knees and hips. Due to this, chances of injuries are significantly reduced. This means that you can perform this exercise for longer and without any fear of hurting yourself if you exert yourself too much.

Longer durations of workout and less downtime due to injuries means that you work out longer and continuously which is great for weight loss.

5.      Spin Classes Affect Mental Health:

Mostly, when it comes to physical exercise, the mental aspect is highly underrated and even ignored. However, mental conditioning is highly necessary to not only continue with the exercise, but a healthy mind results in a healthy body as well.

Spin classes are a group affair- which means that you are a part of a pack, and this appeals to the natural instinct of humans to compete. This results in an increased release of adrenaline and testosterone compared to other solitary exercises. When this happens, the body performs better, burns more calories and become stronger- all essential components for losing weight.

Apart from this, the group activity helps people relax. This releases hormones called endorphins which are also called happiness hormones. These hormones relieve both mental and physical stress which is detrimental to weight loss.

They also prevent retention of water, which reduces bloating, reduces weight and gives a slimmer appearance.

6.      Spin Classes Improve Digestion:

Spin classes are known to be physically taxing. As with any other exercise, this causes the body to try and improve its own efficiency and this includes improved absorption of nutrients from the food we ingest.

When the body starts ingesting nutrients in a better way, the urges to overeat are reduced, which results in a lesser intake of empty calories and increased weight loss.

Apart from this, the cycling motion of the lower body stimulates the peristaltic movement of the intestines which helps to move the food faster through the intestine. This results in lesser build up of stale organic matter in the intestines and clears them up, further improving the absorption capacity, which improves the nutrient profile of the blood. This, in turn, reduces water retention and increases fat burning since several enzymes responsible for this are activated by nutrients in the food.

All these minor gains build up and result in significant reduction in weight.


Overall, spin classes are a great way to burn weight. They are also effective, fun, healthy and improve your mental health by reducing stress levels as well. If taken up in the right spirit, spin classes can be extremely enriching and useful.

Exercise Bike vs Treadmill- The Pros and Cons

Exercise Bike vs Treadmill Which One Is Better?

When it comes to cardio exercise equipment, the most commonly used and most popular options for the past several years have been exercise bikes and treadmills. Both of them have a loyal following which swears by the benefits they provide. However, as with everything else, both of them are bound to have their benefits as well as their disadvantages. This is especially necessary to know since most homeowners do not have the kind of space to accommodate both options.

Hence it becomes a necessity to decide upon one of the two options, either due to practical or monetary reasons. Here, we will try to list the major pros and cons and provide you with an exercise bike vs treadmill showdown. We’ll do this by comparing each attribute we consider necessary for a good workout and pit them against each other.

1.      Convenience:

The first aspect which strikes a person while using exercise equipment is to see if it is convenient to use. Both treadmills and exercise bikes rank equally here. Both do not require too much space, do not need any sort of setup after they are assembled once and can be started off in a few seconds at the most. They are also fairly simple to use and do not require any prior explanation since the processes are mostly self-explanatory. So, the first attribute results in an even draw for both pieces of equipment.

2.      Cost:

For a lot of people, the cost is a major issue while making an investment and is a major point in the exercise bike vs treadmill debate. A piece of exercise equipment is a definite cost worth evaluating before committing to the expense. When compared across various segments and price ranges, exercise bikes end up costing less than treadmills. What is more, even the maintenance cost is lesser for exercise bikes since the only moving parts are the wheel and belt, which are not very complex setups. However, maintaining a treadmill may end up being costlier due to the price of parts and the work involved in repairing it.

The price of electricity may also be an issue for people in some countries. Most treadmills use electricity to rotate the belt which uses a fair bit of electricity. Exercise bikes, on the other hand, use the energy created by the pedaling action of the rider to power the LED displays. Even the models that utilize electricity use it for mainly varying the intensity of the workout and use far less electricity than treadmills.

The exercise bike is a definite winner here.

3.      Efficiency:

The most important factor to measure here is how well the machine does its job- after all, the primary aim is to burn calories. According to various studies, treadmills burn more calories than exercise bikes on a per hour basis since they require the whole body to move and the legs to carry the weight of the entire body. They can burn up to 640 calories per hour. Exercise bikes, however, majorly involve only the lower body and the abs and back to a certain extent. Hence they can burn about 550 calories per hour of exercise

However, the calculation isn’t that simple. There are several other factors to be considered. For one, the treadmill is a lot more tiring and most people can’t put in more than 20-30 minutes on the treadmill at one go. The exercise bike, however, is a lot more comfortable, less taxing and a lot of people can cycle for sessions as long as 45 minutes. So typically, typical sessions on an exercise bike vs treadmill burn approximately an equivalent number of calories.

Also, if you are into mixing up your workout by including Tabata or HIIT, the exercise bike is a better option since you can exert yourself a lot more on the bike.

Exercise bikes are also a lot less boring and tiring than treadmills. Studies have shown that treadmill users are more likely to quit working out due to boredom rather than exercise bike users.

For this attribute, there isn’t too much of a difference between both but the other options tilt the scales slightly in favor of the exercise bike.

4.      Comfort:

When it comes to comfort while exercising, the exercise bike is miles ahead of the treadmill. Not only can you adjust the seat height, you can also move the seat forward or back depending upon the position which best suits you. If you want to exercise your lower abs, you can just reduce your seat height and ensure that the angle between your back and legs is reduced. If you want to relax your back, you can push back your seat and allow a straighter seating position.

Treadmills, however, have none of these settings. You are in the same position irrespective of the type of workout, duration or intensity. This is one of the main reasons why treadmill users drop out of their workouts. Also, while working out, your complete focus needs to be on your body to ensure that you do not slip or fall off the treadmill.

For exercise bike owners, even if they are tired after a hard day at work, they can push the seat back, get a gel seat to soften the seating surface, and cycle at low speeds while reading a book or checking their email.

5.      Safety:

Safety is another major aspect to consider before buying any exercise equipment, and it is here that the exercise bike vs treadmill contest becomes clearly one-sided.

While both of these equipments are stationary by themselves, the treadmill requires constant motion of your whole body and you have no support whatsoever. In the case of exercise bikes, you are always seated and the only parts moving are your legs. Also, the exercise bike is powered by the rider. The speed and the stops are dependent only upon the rider. If you feel tired, all you have to do is reduce your own speed, much like a regular bike. The only difference is that you don’t need the brakes and are in no danger of hitting anyone ahead of you. The worst that can happen is that your foot might slip off the pedal and you might get a sharp rap on the shins, which, while painful for a few minutes, is not a serious injury by any stretch of imagination.

Cycling is also a low impact exercise which is easy on the knees and great for the elderly and people suffering from joint pains.

Treadmills require you to be constantly aware of your surroundings. One misstep and you can miscalculate your landing or speed and fall off the treadmill, especially at higher speeds. Also, you cannot stop suddenly without having to press the emergency stop button since the treadmill belt rotates automatically independent of the user. If you suddenly feel weak or dizzy, there is a high chance of falling off the treadmill and hurting yourself badly.

Also, while they are padded, constant use of the treadmill can cause joint pain since running is a high-impact exercise and places considerable strain on the ankle and knee joints. Hence, it is not a recommended exercise with family histories of arthritis, joint pains and those with prior ligament injuries.


After comparing all these major aspects, the eventual outcome is that exercise bikes are cheaper, safer, more versatile, more engaging and can be used by everyone in the family- ranging from adolescents to the elderly. Hence, an exercise is a much better investment compared to a treadmill.

10 Recumbent Exercise Bike Benefits

A good recumbent exercise bike has got your back

Recumbent exercise bikes are similar to regular upright exercise bikes in all aspects, except for the seating position. It can be compared to something akin to an armchair with a sloped back and wider seating surface to provide more comfort and back support to the body.

While one needs to bend forward to grab onto the handles in an upright exercise bike, the recumbent bike has handles beside the seat to enable comfortable support even while cycling at high speeds or performing HIIT exercises.

Given below are some of the major benefits of recumbent exercise bikes-

1. Recumbent Exercise Bikes Help Burn Calories:

Using recumbent exercise bikes is the same as using a normal bicycle or exercise bike. Cycling is a great way to burn fat, get your heart rate up and stretch your respiratory system. The continuous movement of the legs targets the entire lower body, the lower abs and supporting muscles, which requires a lot of energy.
To provide energy while performing this exercise, the body starts burning fat to provide the necessary calories which is the most important part of weight loss. A properly designed spin bike routine can help burn up to 700 calories per hour. A routine of cycling 5 hours per week can potentially result in weight loss of more than 1 pound a week.

2. Recumbent Exercise Bikes Help Improve Respiratory Fitness:

Recumbent exercise bikes can help to get your breathing rate up due to the constant exertion placed on your lower body. Compared to upright exercise bikes, recumbent exercise bikes provide a more stable seating and position which enables more vigorous exercise. This, in turn, forces your body to provide more oxygen to the active muscles. This is achieved by pumping up the rate of breathing which improves lung capacity and oxygen absorption capabilities.

3. Recumbent Exercise Bikes Help Build Muscle:

Recumbent exercise bikes are extremely well suited to a type of exercise routine called Tabata or High- Intensity Interval Training which is considered the best type of workout for losing fat while building muscle.
This is characterized by a minute or two of cycling at the highest possible speed followed by rest of about 30-45 seconds. This type of workout helps get the heart rate to extremely high levels which helps to trigger the respiratory and the circulatory system, while the stops and starts help to stimulate the fast- twitch fibers which are responsible for the growth of muscles. This results in a workout which gives the benefits of cardio as well as muscle building.

4. Recumbent Exercise Bikes Are Convenient:

Most people love to cycle since this is one of their first memories as children, and who doesn’t love a touch of nostalgia while helping your body become healthier. But with most people living in cities with a huge amount of traffic, irregular work hours which extend late into the nights, difficulty with managing work and personal lives, bicycling has taken a back seat and has become only a weekend hobby except for a fortunate few people.
However, with a recumbent exercise bike at home, you can choose to cycle at any time of the day for whatever duration you want, without any difficulties or worries- be it late night or early in the morning. The temperature, climate, traffic, pollution and other hindrances become immaterial.

5. Recumbent Exercise Bikes Are Comfortable:

Despite the fact that cycling is considered a moderate-intensity exercise, most people tend to give up cycling as they grow older since the roads and trails which they used to take are pothole ridden and cycling on such stretches puts a certain amount of strain on the knees. However, with recumbent exercise bikes, these worries are a thing of the past since they are stationary and operate on a jerk-free mechanism and the transition from high to low speeds and vice versa is gradual and does not cause any kind of strain to the knees, making them a great exercise tool for those with knee issues.

6. Recumbent Exercise Bikes Are Cheap:

A good bicycle capable of lasting several years can cost a lot more than a recumbent exercise bike. Apart from this, recumbent exercise bikes don’t have parts like tires, breaks etc. which need to be repaired or replaced often. Overall, nominal maintenance of the exercise bike is sufficient to ensure that it lasts several years. A definite benefit for saving on long-term expenses of a bike.

7. Recumbent Exercise Bikes Are Good For The Back:

Recumbent exercise backs come with an amazing back support and wider seats to ensure that you are in a comfortable position while exercising for even longer durations. This is of specific importance to older people and those suffering from back problems since the support ensures that the muscles of the back aren’t unduly strained or subject to excessive pressure which they cannot handle.
Apart from avoiding injury, they can also be used as an effective tool to help people recover from back injuries since it is difficult for people with back injuries to exercise at all. The relaxed posture and back support which these recumbent exercise bikes provide ensure that they can exercise and the process also stimulates the back muscles making them strong gradually so that the recovery process is accelerated.

8. Recumbent Exercise Bikes Promote Low Impact Workouts:

This is a definite benefit for those with arthritis or joint pains. Recumbent exercise bikes are a low impact activity, ranking only next to swimming on this scale. Apart from being easy on the body, they also promote great health benefits which make it a very appealing choice for elderly people trying to be healthy.

9. Recumbent Exercise Bikes Enable Multitasking:

Due to their superior seating arrangement, busy people can manage to multitask while exercising on recumbent exercise bikes- be it reading the newspaper, replying to emails or using a pair of dumbbells to give you a great upper body workout as well. This helps save time and makes exercising all the more appealing.

10. Recumbent Exercise Bikes Are Relaxing:

Even if you aren’t a fan of working out, there is no contesting the fact that riding a bike at your own pace, in a controlled environment, is a very soothing experience. Add to that, the fact that they are extremely comfortable and you could be sipping a cup of coffee or watching a movie while cycling makes it all the more enjoyable.

What is a Water Bike?

Hit the tides on a cycle!

When it comes to water sports, water biking is always on top of the list for almost everyone. This water sport is fun and takes less of your energy. It is basically cycling in water. Besides, water bikes often attract people from all gender groups as well as age. It is a fine way to stay and feel young forever by the watersides.

Moreover, it is hard to get wet when riding a water bike, probably due to their tech-engineered designs as well as user-friendly capabilities. It is actually easier to ride than a normal road bike or indoor spin cycle and the best part is that you can take the ride with your friend or partner by your side or your pet on a leash without any risk.

Water bikes are water resistance and have an extra surface area on the lower and upper parts of each water paddle. This is to enable you to move more water while paddling as well as create a bigger resistance.

Reasons to Use Water Bikes

  • Water bike is highly safe, as you won’t topple or fall out of the bike while riding it
  • It has health benefits for the body as it can boost cardiovascular health, improve breathing and even help you burn some calories stress-free
  • It also helps in strengthening body muscles, especially on your lower body parts
  • It is also great for people with knee injuries as it won’t cause any strain or pressure whatsoever on your knee area
  • Water bikes are environmentally friendly
  • It is highly durable and rarely suffers any mechanical damages during the course of its use

Cons of Water Bikes

  • It alone is not sufficient for a perfect abs workout

What to Look For While Buying Water Bikes

When it comes to buying water bikes, one should always look out for some few factors like size, design, type as well as price and portability.

  • Size– Water bikes often come in different sizes for different age groups. So pick the right size for you, your kid or teenager
  • Design-Water bikes have very different designs as well as makes that are both safe and easy to use. You should always pick the best option for you. The design often differs in terms of sitting and handle bar position as well the number of people one water bike can accommodate or handle
  • Type-Water bikes often come in different types as well as make. So, choose the type that works for you, as some come in singles, doubles and even triple designs
  • Portability-Most water bikes are highly portable. This makes it easier to move around especially if you are one to water bike on a daily basis
  • Price-You should also consider its price, even if it is a rental


Basically, water bike is fun for family and friends and can be enjoyable for team building exercises. It is also perfect for people with severe knee injuries who are limited in other water sports activities.

So, get out and have some fun with water bikes, they are designed for adventure as well as exercise, which is generally healthy.

How to Terminate Mummy Tummy

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Even if you exercised during your pregnancy, you can still get ‘Mummy Tummy’

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Mothers all over the world share one thing in common. No matter how easy or hard the labor of their child, they mummy tummy still strikes. Now it isn’t necessarily your fault, according to science but that doesn’t mean it is not up to you to fix it. What exactly am I talking about? Well actually 1 exercise 10 minutes a day that can shrink your belly by inches, this isn’t an infomercial for some miracle cream or fitness machine. No, this particular exercise just requires you & a mat. That being said, before I drop this knowledge I would advise you to look into an excellent home fitness machine like our guide on one of the best spin bikes on the market. OR something compact and efficient like the ab carver pro roller.

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So let’s get into the nitty gritty of this “miracle” workout that some women call it. First, let’s look into the science.
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When a woman is pregnant with her child, most doctors agree that a mother should maintain an active, healthy life to prevent childhood obesity, high blood pressure & harm to their own body. Even though you may follow a healthy lifestyle, you may still experience the mummy tummy. That is because when you are giving birth, the child actually pushes your lower abdominal muscles out of place. That’s right; your lower abdominals are literally hanging out there, they need help. Now, this exercise isolates that area and rebuilds their strength and therefore shrinks they belly by inches on average.

Just a 10-minute workout, once a day? Is it that simple?

That’s it, and you just need to stand up or lay down and take deep breaths while concentrating on your lower abdominals. This is a fundamental exercise that when done properly should yield results within a month. I wish every exercise were this simple! I will advise people once again not to limit themselves to just this one exercise. IF you are serious about returning your body to its former glory or better. I would suggest you follow a proper fitness program or invest in good home exercise equipment to keep you fit at home. Even with all the best equipment, it’s best not to stress eat everything in the kitchen, in the fitness world we always say “abs are made in the kitchen.” You’re the biggest battle with your body starts with your mouth aka your diet.

Sound familiar to you Yogi’s?

If this exercise sounds familiar, maybe you’ve attended a Yoga class before. “Kapalabhathi” is a method practiced in the 15th-century yoga text Hatha Yoga Pradīpikā, a historian of the Haṭhayoga project at SOAS London University confirms this. If you dig into the phrase, it comes down to two works in Sanskrit: kapala, which means skull, and bhati, that translates to light.

In the 15th Century, Kapalabhathi had one simple purpose: to remove stuffiness from your throat and chest.

It should be noted that removing phlegm does not actually improve postpartum abdominal problems. If you dig deeper, you can still see considerable similarities though. That’s because many times these Yogi techniques were considered as “cure-alls” to alleviate pain and abnormalities. This exercise could be one of those cases. It’s amazing how we just happen upon science sometimes.

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