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The Pros & Cons of Carb Blockers | TL;DR (They aren’t bad but your diet is)

Science is really breaking barriers every day, luckily for us even in the field of nutrition. You may have come across advertisements for “miracle pills” or Carb Blockers that stop your body from absorbing carbs so you can eat those Belgian Waffles and cornbread guilt free. So I have some bad news for you. Generally, those adverts are lies, but some actually do get the job done. Which ones? I listed two below. If you care to learn more, continue reading, if not, save a slice of pizza for me!

Best Carb Blocker Out Of The Mix: White Kidney Bean Based

– So what are Carb Blockers or Cutters?

A dietary supplement that controls the metabolic processing of carbohydrates from food. It should be noted that even if you can decrease the number of carbs your body processes, you will still process the fat and protein of the food. It should also be noted that you should always follow a healthy diet. No supplement is a substitute for an unhealthy lifestyle. Many people may have eating disorders and see this as a masking solution to their issue, but you should seek professional medical help instead.

Not all labeled carb cutters will work | Check Ingredients

So the biggest problem with carb blockers or cutters isn’t the abuse from individuals. The true harm comes from the abuse from companies abusing the fact our supplement industry is so corrupt. You need to be careful when shopping for vitamins or indeed any form of dietary supplement. Here are 3 ingredients to look for when you are looking for a blocker.

White Kidney Bean Extract

– restricts amylase which will then limit digestion of starch.


is an extract of the maqui berry and it lowers the blood glucose and improves the lipid profile in PRE-diabetic individuals.
Chromium aka Cr – Most research I’ve found shows that chromium may not regulate insulin and your metabolic levels if you aren’t diabetic or have a deficiency. That being said I don’t usually advise looking for products that advertise that as a single listed ingredient.

carb blockers & good food

A consistent diet of low glycemic foods and exercise can’t be beaten by supplements

I eat a lot of Broccoli, Chicken breast, Brown Rice and Belgian Blue Beef and my diet get boring. This is typical for people who have coaches or follow diets in the fitness world. That being said, a normally active person doesn’t need to develop a boring menu. I think the Mediterranean diet is pretty damn exciting. Most importantly whatever your choice of diet is, you need to be more concerned about following a diet rich in low glycemic foods. Supplements like carb blockers cant mask bad habits completely (yet). Just like you can’t beat a bad diet in the gym or in a soul cycle class (or whatever your favorite form of spinning is). No amount of supplements can beat a healthy low glycemic diet.

In Conclusion

In my personal opinion, theirs nothing wrong with the occasional supplement use. I will do my best to review a few of them and let you all know how I feel myself. The issue with OVERDOING it is you’ll be clearing out rooms with your farts. You will have some loose stool, and most importantly you will have a horrible diet. You will be hurting your goals and wasting that gym membership. Everything in moderation for the athlete and the normie.

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Finding the Right Carb Blockers - Trust Science | Brice Mansa
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Finding the Right Carb Blockers - Trust Science | Brice Mansa
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