Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright Bike with Pulse Monitor Top 4 Review

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Premium Exerpeutic folding magnetic upright bike with pulse reader Comparison Chart

Premium ProductConsoleWeight CapacityHeart Rate MonitorFlywheel WeightPriceLink
Exerpeutic 4000 Magnetic Recumbent Bike with MyCloudFitness App
325 lbsYes22 lbs$$$
Check Amazon Price
Exerpeutic WORKFIT 1000 Desk Station Folding Semi-Recumbent Exercise Bike
300 lbsYes22 lbs$$ Check Amazon Price
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A folding exercise bike. Hardly glamorous, cutting-edge, or terribly futuristic, am I right? As perhaps one of the oldest types of modern home workout gear, stationary bikes have gotten kind of a bad rap as, well, not terribly exciting. But hey that’s unfair in 2017, we’ve seen some unusual changes recently.


1.Exerpeutic 4000 Magnetic Recumbent Bike with MyCloudFitness App – Check Out Price Here

The Exerpeutic 4000 Magnetic recumbent bike with mycloudfitness app pairs with a convenient console that allows you to use your time wisely while exercising. It comes with 7 workout options that consist of twelve pre-programmed workout options. This allows multiple varieties of workout programs for you so you would never run out of ideas while on this recumbent bike. Time, Watts, RPM, Heart rate control can all be monitored.


– Relaxing Airsoft Seat

The device comes with a large airsoft seat that provides relative comfort and can accommodate the weight capacity of up to 325lbs which means that it can house almost anyone. The seat comes with three inches of padded foam with that offers average comfort in soft upholstery. This seat system employs an aerodynamic health care technology which offers easy movement of air between its soft cushion so that the seat remains cold even when the user is under intense workouts.

 Optional Resistance System

The magnetic resistance of this gadget gives a smooth and calm change in levels between the gave 24 levels of resistant strain. This implies the bike came be utilized to perform extraordinary exercise or you can undoubtedly move the pedal through unpretentious levels pressure particularly as the magnetic framework permits a quiet and smooth changing between levels. While different bikes in this value go gloat of 20 resistant levels, this boasts about an incredible 24 leveled pressure resistance.



Numerous purchasers detailed that the bike was anything but difficult to assemble, with a normal get together time of only thirty minutes.


  • Seat is not splendidly firm
  •  Other gadgets inside this value go are less demanding to assemble
  • Complicated guideline


The Exerpeutic 4000 Magnetic recumbent bike is an incredible purchase as it accompanies a considerable measure of elements that enhance solace and effectiveness for the client. From its ergonomic seats to the simple development that the wheel gives; from the effortlessly movable and effectively read reassure to the effectively shared data capacity, the gadget guarantees to be appropriate for anybody.

Check Out Price


2. Exerpeutic WorkFit 1000 Desk Station Folding Exercise Bike Review – Check Out Price Here

The Exerpeutic WorkFit 1000 Desk Station Folding Exercise Bike is by all accounts a developing interest for practice bicycles that bend over as workstations in light of the fact that many individuals appear to like the accommodation of having the capacity to work and exercise in the meantime. The FitDesk has for some time been a standout amongst the most prevalent models, and the moderately new Stamina Wirk Ride Cycling Workstation is another that is demonstrating prominent with home clients. However, Exerpeutic, one of the main makers of moderate ease practice machines, have as of late entered this market too with a fresh out of the plastic new model for 2016-2018


The activity bicycle itself may not be as noteworthy as a portion of the regular upright bicycles, yet this Exerpeutic WorkFit 1000 should even now be more than adequate for most home clients. That is on the grounds that it has 8 levels of attractive strain that will give an extensive variety of resistance, and has a strong steel outline development that can bolster clients up to 300 pounds. It additionally has an exactness adjusted flywheel and a V-belt drive that is smooth and calm in operation, and a 3-piece high torque wrenching framework that conveys a reliable pedal movement.

Exerpeutic 1000 Desk StationHowever the work station is clearly the key offering purpose of this machine, and this one looks truly amazing.

That is on the grounds that the genuine work territory (in inches) is 24 (W) x 16 (H), which is bigger than its opponents and is sufficiently solid to hold a telephone, tablet or portable workstation with no issues. It even has a haul out capacity drawer that you can utilize on the off chance that you so wish. So while you are getting a not too bad cardiovascular exercise that offers conditioning, wellness, and general medical advantages, you can likewise do some work in the meantime, for instance, or keep yourself engaged by viewing a film or making up for lost time with the greater part of your most loved TV appears.

It ought to likewise be brought up that this work area can be balanced in a wide range of approaches to locating the best position for you. For example, it can be collapsed level in the event that you need to utilize your portable PC, yet it can likewise be changed in accordance with a 16 or 33-degree edge, which might be more reasonable for review your telephone or tablet gadget. Likewise, it can likewise be moved advances and in reverse and has five distinctive stature alterations (from 41 crawls to 45 inches).


In the event that you were being excessively critical, you could likewise say that the LCD show is truly very little, however regardless it shows some helpful execution information, and you can simply draw the work area nearer in the event that you are experiencing difficulty understanding it.


Likewise with any activity bicycle that incorporates a work station, you should just truly consider purchasing this machine on the off chance that you are anticipating making full utilization of the work area at whatever point you work out. This a best end practice bicycle that is intended for genuine competitors. This is a double reason bicycle that is intended for the normal individual to use at home or in the workplace to stay in shape, shed pounds and tone up their lower body.

Check Out Price

Well. Let’s talk about that, shall we? There’s an upright exercise bike that’s Exerpeutic that would like a few words.


A Finger on the Pulse of Your Needs

The therapeutic folding magnetic upright bike with pulse monitor – quite the mouthful, but that’s another story – seeks to distinguish itself from the crowd with two distinct features. Namely, the “folding” part, and the “Pulse” bit. Less you get too worried that a “Magnetic Pulse Bike” is some kind of sci-fi weapon that’ll fry your iPhone, worry not; it’s a different sort of pulse we’re going to be talking about here.

Namely, your heart rate.Strada Wireless Cycle Computer

The Folding Magnetic Bike – in addition to being terribly difficult to write shortly – can monitor your heart rate by using sensors built into the handlebars; letting you stay in your preferred cycling position, all while monitoring your pulse, and making sure you stay in your target heart rate zone. The LCD screen not only displays your pulse, but other notable performance metrics; distance traveled, calories burned, current speed, and of course, the length of your workout thus far. In addition, it’s still a solid exercise bike underneath all the advanced features; with eight different resistance settings, you can add intensity, and custom tailors your workout to meet your needs.


Know when to Hold’em, Know When to Fold’em

So that’s the pulse; what about the folding bits? Well, this baby delivers as advertised, with a sleek ability to fold up neatly, store tidily, and get tucked away quickly. Its design lets you fold it into roughly 25% of its initial size, and tucks away easily into a closet or under a bed if that’s your jam. The compact size also allows it to function in smaller spaces like a studio apartment or (particularly spacious) dorm room if you want to get adventurous with your decorating. Either way, it’s a great fit with people who don’t have a ton of space or aren’t crazy about making their workout gear a centerpiece decoration.

These new Exerpeutic cycles are built to Last

Exercise equipment should inspire confidence. A piece of equipment doesn’t just need to look appealing; it needs to look like it’s going to get the job done. And more importantly, it needs to look like it isn’t going to fall to pieces when supporting its owner’s weight without getting all wobbly-kneed, like young folk working up the courage to ask someone to go to the dance with them.

 XtremepowerUS Indoor Cycle Trainer Review

Most stationary spin bikes look better

Thankfully, the Upright Bike is no shrinking violet, wallflower, or another sort of decorative flora; its heavy-duty steel tube construction seems built to last. And with a weight capacity that can support 300 lbs, it isn’t going to wilt under the pressure of larger users, using it at their largest.


Ergonomic seat for those who need the extra comfort

Once seated, the ergonomic seat follows a similar design philosophy; built solid, with generous amounts of padding, the feel is remarkably similar to most gym bikes – this seat is clearly designed for extended use. One small hitch; particularly young, or petite, individuals may find themselves swimming a bit in the seat – it is clearly designed with a medium to a large user in mind.


But, if Sir Mix-A-Lot would give you the time of day, you’ll appreciate this particular exercise throne.


Another nice touch; while the leg stabilizers provide a useful function – keeping the bike upright during use – they also serve another purpose when the bike isn’t in use; outfitted with wheels, they make transporting your bike to a different room.


And, you know, in case we haven’t mentioned it already; this bike folds up really nicely. Fold it, roll it, store it, done. Forget about it.


Viva La Resistance

The aforementioned eight levels of resistance let users set up the perfect amount of pushback for their preferred workout level. It pedals nice and smooth, thanks to its “high torque,” three-piece crank system, ensuring that you don’t get caught up in the middle of your pedaling motion, suddenly halting halfway through.

We hate when that happens.


One thing we don’t hate is the V-belt drive. Combined with the precision flywheel, this leads to an excellent, clean, quiet workout experience – none of the screeching and grinding that characterizes the Walmart exercise bike of old. You could watch TV at reasonable volumes while working out – something that occurred to the designers as well, as they included a small caddy for remote controls.


One small note on the pedals; they’re mounted a bit farther forward than on most upright bikes. While this is where some of the workout comes from – their location requires users to put a little more effort into their pedaling – it means that your back is a potential target for stress, as it doesn’t have any seat support to offset this.

 Spin Cycles, Assemble!

Shipping the Exerpeutic bike FMB w/ heart rate monitor (we’ll find an acronym we like, or die trying) isn’t too much of a hassle, depending on your location. Amazon has several free shipping options, and they’re far from the only game in town; just be sure to pay attention to your shipping options. Otherwise, you could wind up with an unexpected bit of sticker shock.


When it comes to assembling the bike correctly, you have four steps.


1. Attach the stabilizer levelers

2. Attach the seat and post

3. Connect the pedals

4. Attach the handlebars


The packaging comes with three wrenches; you won’t need anything else, and most people should be able to complete assembly in under an hour.


What Worked For Us


The Design

The Folding exercise bike X-frame design is durable; like, really strong. We like that it supports up to a 300lb frame; many people are purchasing the best exercise bike they can find are going to be at their heaviest when they first start using it. It can be disheartening to discover that your weight loss gear doesn’t support your weight. A lot of entry-level bikes just don’t have that kind of weight rating, but the Mag Bike neatly sidesteps those problems. We like that it’s belt-driven, cutting down on maintenance, and we like that it’s quiet enough to use while watching TV – to say nothing of avoiding noise complaints if you live in an apartment.


The Heart Monitor

The folding exercise bike is hands-down one of the most accessible, least costly options for monitoring your heart rate while you work out. Its grip sensors keep you engaged with the cycle, while still using your heart rate monitor, letting you focus on how intense you want your workout to be, honing in on fat-burning, or cardio work.


The display screen is nothing to write home about, but it gets the job done. The calorie counter seems a bit generous with its numbers, but the speed and mileage data are on point; calculating your actual calories burned shouldn’t be too difficult if you’re tracking everything.


What Didn’t Work For Us

Well, it’s a $150 (ish) folding exercise bike; corners had to be cut somewhere. And on the Exerputic, while its construction is nice and robust, it’s clearly not designed for sustained, heavy-duty use; this is a tool for sedentary or moderately active users who want to incorporate some exercise into their daily routines; anyone looking for serious, intense workouts will be disappointed with how the machine holds up over time.

 get in wave shape logo
The Bottom Line

For entry-level exercise bikes, it’s tough not to recommend the Exerputic. Affordable, comfortable, and rated up to 300 lbs, we’re hard-pressed to come up with a better alternative to offer someone looking to add a low-to-moderate use piece of home exercise gear.


Technical Specifications

Product Dimensions:

• Height: 46.”

• Width: 19”

• Length: 31.”

• Bike Weight: 39 lbs

• Maximum User Weight: 300 lbs

• Calibrated for users ranging from 5’3″ up to 6’1.”


Product Features:

• A precision balanced flywheel and its custom-tailored V-belt drive result in smooth, quiet operation; you can use this bike and watch TV or listen to music without cranking the volume up to unsafe levels.

• The bicycle folds to a quarter of the performance size; easy to store and move around.

• It’s extended leg stabilizers prevent unwanted movement and keep the bike from tilting – or tipping over – during use.

• Most cycles contain an eight-level magnetic tension control system that allows you to tailor resistance for an easier – or more challenging – workout, depending on your needs.

• Its pulse sensors – in addition to sounding like something from Star Trek – let you monitor your heart rate with minimal fuss.

• The three-piece, high torque crank system delivers smooth, consistent pedal action.

• Its heavy-duty, large pedal design (complete with foot straps for safety) precludes dangerous foot slippage during your workout.

• Its seat is large, comfortable, and works for a variety of sizes.


Display Features:

• The crystal-clear LCD screen is easy to read.

• Workout data, including Time, Speed, Distance, Odometer, Calories Burned, and Heart Rate Monitor.



• 1-year coverage for the bike’s frame

• 90-day warranty on all other components




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Exerpeutic folding magnetic upright bike with pulse Top 4 Review
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Exerpeutic folding magnetic upright bike with pulse Top 4 Review
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