Marcy XJ-3220 Club Revolution Cycle Trainer Review

Marcy XJ-3220 Club Revolution Cycle Trainer ReviewThe Marcy XJ3220 Club Revolution Cycle Trainer promises to provide you with the same type of challenging gym style workout experience, for a fraction of the price your annual gym membership will cost you. This is a budget-friendly spin bike that offers a heavy construction and a forty-pound flywheel, so you can enjoy a smoother pedaling motion and a crushing workout each and every time you hop on.XJ-3220 Club Revolution Cycle Trainer

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Marcy Spin Bike Rundown and Features

The bike’s heavy-duty construction gives it the durability it needs to handle moderate and tough workouts. It features an adjustable saddle and handlebars, allowing it to accommodate a range of different users.

The frame is made from oversized steel tubing which works to prevent the bike from rocking or wobbling during a workout.The handlebars and seat adjustment knobs do need to be fastened securely to prevent them from vibrating or wobbling from side to side.

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The handlebars can be adjusted vertically, while the seat can be adjusted horizontally and vertically. This will allow the rider to fit the bike to their size for a more customized workout. This adjustment is done by pulling and loosening a knob, then sliding the pole to the designed height. It will then be fixed into place by tightening the knob.

Adjusting the seat horizontally will involve the same process. But here, you’ll move the rail backward or forward to the ideal position, tightening the knob.

Located under the stabilizer bars you’ll find four-level adjustment knobs that can be used if the bike is placed on an uneven surface. This further works to prevent any unnecessary movement as you ride.

The height of the saddle can be adjusted by moving it up or down from thirty-six inches to forty-one inches, choosing from six adjustment holes that are spaced one inch apart.

While the bike is recommended for riders ranging from five feet to six feet, we found that riders over six feet tall tend to struggle to fit the bike and can end up feeling cramped and uncomfortable when using it.

Resistance is applied to the wheel by turning the tension knob which is located at the front of the frame. Turning the knob provides incremental resistance. You won’t find preset levels or markings that can indicate the resistance level, which can make it difficult to set the bike back to a previously used level if you’re doing an interval workout routine. However, this is pretty typical with spin bikes.

Resistance is applied to the wheel using felt brake pads that rest on the top of the wheel. As you turn the tension knob the pad is tightened on the wheel to increase the resistance. Over time, these pads can wear down and will need to be replaced. Typically, the pads have a lifespan of six months, but this often depends on how often you ride and the amount of resistance you use during those rides.

The bike features a chain drive system that moves the flywheel. This system is the same type you’ll find on a traditional bike, and it provides the same noise and feel.

This also means that the chain drive system will require similar maintenance. From time to time the chain will need to be lubricated and tightened in order to ensure it continues to run smoothly.

Spin Bike Pros and Cons

XJ-3220 Club Revolution Cycle TrainerPros: The bike features a fixed gear drive so that while the wheel is turning, the pedals turn as well. This provides the rider with a more intense workout, requiring them to constantly pedal, as opposed to coasting like you can on an upright stationary bike. To dismount, you’ll need to push down on the tension knob in order to stop the flywheel quickly.

The bike’s chain is well-protected by a chain guard, which covers both sides of the chain. This also helps to protect the rider’s legs and clothing from getting caught in the chain and prevents debris, dust, dirt, and sweat from entering.

This bike comes with pedals that are equipped with toe cages that feature adjustable straps, which allows riders of different shoe sizes to enjoy a secure, comfortable pedal stroke.

The handlebars are covered with a rubberized coating which makes them easier to grip and prevents your hands from slipping once you start to sweat. The handlebars are shaped so that the rider can lean on the handlebars to rest and reduces strain in the arms and elbows.

To help move the bike from its storage space in the home to the workout area, the bike is equipped with a couple of transport wheels located at the front of the bike. To use, simply tip the bike forward.

Cons: This model doesn’t come with a console, which is a major drawback for some cyclists, especially those who make it a point to closely monitor their workout progress.

Because this is a spin bike, don’t expect to find many accessories. The only accessory this model offers is a built-in water bottle holder, which has been placed on the bottom of the frame, making it easily accessible.

The bike’s saddle doesn’t offer much padding. Most consumers recommend purchasing a new saddle to replace it, before your first ride.

Some buyers reported that the pedals fall off when pedaling backward, causing the pedals to loosen. Fortunately, this isn’t a common issue.

Marcy Indoor Cycling Bike Conclusion and Rating

The Marcy XJ-3220 Club Revolution spin bike is a model without the frills, but this is par for the course for most indoor cycling bikes. As far as features go, the forty-pound flywheel speaks volumes in terms of what type of workout you can expect to get with this model. As most cyclists already know, a heavier flywheel equals a more challenging workout. Other models in this price range often offer flywheels in the twenty-pound range, so we feel that this Marcy bike is a total steal. Cyclists who purchased this spin bike gave it a rating of four and a half out of five stars for the heavy flywheel, solid construction, pricing, and overall quality.

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