ProGear 100S Spin Bike Review

ProGear 100S Spin Bike Review

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The ProGear 100S spin bike is well-constructed, durable and offers a tougher workout than other competing models in this price range. This model offers an excellent and challenging low impact cardio workout that allows you to burn calories and work out the lower body, which is why this type of stationary bike is popular in gyms and for home workouts.

ProGear Spin Bike Overview and Features

Despite the bike’s compact design and light weight, the stabilizer bars and steel frame will provide a steady ride as the user sits and stands during a workout. There will be minimal shaking or wobbling in the handlebars and seat. However, you may notice there’s a little more play in it than what you’d expect from a gym quality model.

On the rear stabilizer bar you’ll find end caps that can be turned in order to balance the bike when it’s placed on an uneven floor. If there’s a slight difference in the floor the bike can also be placed on a rubber exercise mat which will work to prevent the bike from rocking side to side.

This model comes with a twelve-month product warranty.

The bike’s handlebars are fixed in place, but the seat can be adjusted vertically and horizontally in order to get the best position for an effective and comfortable workout.

Because the handlebars are fixed in place you’ll find that you may need to bend over the handlebars more than you want to because of the lack of adjustability.

The recommended height range for this model is five feet to six feet two inches.

Making adjustments to the saddle is easy and fast for both vertical and horizontal adjustments. To adjust, you must loosen and pull the adjustment knob to release the pole. The seat can then be moved into the ideal position. Next, the pin must be re-inserted into one of the preset holes in the pole. Turn the knob to tighten it back up. This process is pretty quick, so different riders can easily change the position of the seat within seconds.

Unfortunately, the poles don’t have any markings, so you may want to use a marker to mark the hole for the seat position you use and add other marks for any other cyclist in the home.

How the ProGear Offers a Tougher Workout than Most Spin Bikes

For the bike’s resistance, it utilizes a direct method that’s effective and simple, allowing the rider to enjoy a consistent level of resistance without variation or slipping.

Users can work out in and out of the seat turning the knob up and down to adjust the resistance levels to increase or decrease their workout intensity.

You won’t find any of the resistance levels marked, which is normal for most models of spin bikes. You will have to estimate the level you’re using at any given time. This will take a little getting used to. The increase in resistance is incremental so you don’t have to worry about overdoing it your first few times on the bike.

This model comes with a basic console that can help to keep you motivated during a longer workout. The display will provide you with workout information including pulse, speed, distance, time, and calories burned. To use the heart rate feature you must grip the handlebars for a minimum of fifteen seconds.

Indoor Cycling Bike Pros and Cons

ProGear 100S Spin BikePros: This model uses a chain to turn the twenty-two-pound flywheel. The chain provides a feel that’s similar to that of outdoor cycling. And because this bike features a setup that’s similar to a road bike, you’ll need to maintain it in the same manner.

The weight of the flywheel will provide the type of momentum needed in order to provide a fluid and smooth riding motion. However, the ride won’t be quite as smooth when you crank up the resistance.

The flywheel’s chrome rim can help to keep the bike looking good, but you won’t find a guard to protect the wheel and the resistance pads from dust, debris or sweat. Because of this, we recommend wiping the bike down after each use.

The bike features a fixed gear, which means that you’ll be unable to coast with this bike. Basically, when the flywheel is turning, the pedals will turn as well.

The pedals are attached to a one piece crank. One piece models typically aren’t as durable as three piece cranks but they should do well on this bike, which is designed for beginners.

They should also be tough enough to allow the rider to stand on them for high-intensity workouts and hill climb training.

Each of the pedals features plastic straps and toe cages. Users will enjoy a strong secure grip on the pedals which will allow them to push forward at the top of each pedal stroke. This will help to keep every stroke smooth and precise.

The handlebars are covered in a rubberized material in order to improve grip and increase the overall comfort of the bars.

To make moving the bike from room to room a little easier, the bike features a couple of small transport wheels located on the front stabilizer bar. To use the wheels tip the bike forward. These wheels will work on most surfaces except extra-thick carpet.

The bike arrives partially assembled, with the trickiest components already assembled for you. All you have to do is add the pedals, console, stabilizer bars and handlebars to the frame.

Cons: The saddle is pretty basic. Many users recommend switching it out for a more comfortable seat. Many buyers were disappointed that the bike’s heart rate feature is located on the handlebars because this style of heart rate monitoring isn’t very accurate. The lighter flywheel means a less challenging workout for seasoned cyclists.

Conclusion and Rating

The ProGear 100S spin bike is a bike that’s more designed for the beginner. Anyone who’s in search of an indoor cycling bike for training or tough workouts may want to look elsewhere. Overall, the bike is well-built, features a basic console that allows you to keep your eye on your workout progress, and it’s offered at a reasonable price. Cyclists who purchased this model gave it a rating of four out of five stars.

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