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A spin bike computer can provide you with a ton of useful workout data that can keep you motivated as you ride to reach your fitness goals.
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Strada Wireless Cycle Computer
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When you’re working out, tracking your progress can be very important, especially if you’ve just started using a spin bike and you want to monitor your workouts and look for any signs of improvement. If you’re training for a race, keeping an eye on your ride times and distance can also be crucial in order to continue to challenge yourself each and every time you ride. But most models of spin bikes don’t come with a console of any kind, which can make it almost impossible to monitor your ride times and the distance you’ve covered.

Because your spin bike doesn’t have a bike computer you’ll have to calculate distance and calories burned by counting your pedal strokes, which can be really frustrating if you’re fighting through a tough workout.

The other issue is that bikes that do have this feature cost almost twice as much as a basic bike.

So, what’s the solution?

Fortunately, you can purchase a bike computer separately, and mount it to your bike for effortless workout tracking. These computers can provide information such as total distance, average speed, and revolutions per minute.

Benefits of the Bike Computer for Indoor and Outdoor Cycling

If you’re into indoor cycling then you probably already know the type of amazing benefits it offers. It’s a great stress reliever, cardio workout, and can even be a fun way to burn calories. If you’re interested in measuring your progress and pedaling rate, purchasing a bike computer is the best way to do it.

A bike computer operates as a speedometer, measuring the top and average speeds. They will also tell you how far you have traveled and how long it took you to get there.

We’re fortunate enough to live in a new age of cycling technology. These small bike computers with cadence measurement offer a ton of impressive features. Not every model will have the following features below, but these are some of the common ones many models now offer:

•    Speedometer: This is a function most models will have and it measures how fast you’re pedaling. It will also track your top and average speed.

•    Cadence: In cycling, cadence is the measurement of rotations of cranks per minute, which is important to measure because how fast your legs are working and how fast you’re travelling aren’t directly correlated.

•    Odometer: This must-have feature is available in any model that tracks cadence. It will allow you to measure the distance you’ve traveled.

•    Wireless or Wired: Wired computers will require the user to run a wire along the bike’s frame to various places in order to take accurate measurements. You don’t have to do this with a wireless model, simply attach the speed and cadence components to the bike’s frame. Wireless models tend to cost much more than wired computers, but they’re much more user-friendly.

The Indoor Cycling Computer We Recommend

Strada Wireless Cycle ComputerThe Strada Cadence cycle computer by CatEye will measure distance, cadence, time, average speed, max speed, and current speed.

Installation is incredibly easy. The computer should be mounted on the bike’s stem or handlebars. The speed and cadence sensors are placed on the chainstay, while the magnets are placed on the inside of the crank using cable ties.  Make sure you carefully plan out the routing of the wires and keep in mind that these wires are pretty fragile. You should also make sure that you leave a little slack in the wiring on the handlebars if the handlebars on the spin bike you use are adjustable.

Once you have the cables in place, you can give this computer a try.

This model is very lightweight and compact. You can also use it on an outdoor bike or another spin bike if you purchase an additional fixing kit. Most cyclists found this model to be very accurate. One of the best things about this bike computer is the absence of buttons. Everything you need to access is done by simply pressing down on the face of the head unit. There’s a button located on the back if the device which pushes against the mount when the face is pressed. When you jab the face you can scroll through the display modes or reset the device with one long press.  The computer is easy to operate and view while cycling.

One of the best features about the Strada is its accuracy. When the rider stops pedaling the computer will instantly stop recording stats, and will only begin again once you starting pedaling. This feature is perfect if you prefer interval training or timed workouts, or you’re shooting for a specific distance.

This unit looks much different than CatEye computers of the past. It’s much thinner and sleeker and generally easier to navigate.


The Strada can be used on top indoor cycling bikes or road bikes. The large display screen makes it easy to read stats are you burn calories. The simple user-interface allows you to quickly navigate through different stats. The device itself is perfect for indoor or outdoor cycling and has a reputation of being one of the most accurate models on the market. It’s also priced reasonably, which is a huge selling point for consumers on a tight budget.


Because this isn’t a wireless model you’ll have to carefully run wires along the frame and mount them using the included tie-offs, which some people complained there weren’t enough of.

Final Thoughts

A spin bike computer is designed to record your workout info so you can keep track of your day to day progress and continue to challenge yourself in order to see some serious results. Whether you’re cycling to lose weight or training hard for the next race, these bike computers, such as the Strada, can keep you motivated during a workout. These versatile devices are a must-have for the cyclist who constantly challenges themselves to do their very best, or for the beginner who has fitness goals to meet, such as calories burned or distance covered per workout.

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