Sunny Health and Fitness Pro Indoor Cycling Bike Review

Sunny Health and Fitness Pro Indoor Cycling Bike ReviewThe Sunny Healthy and Fitness Pro indoor cycling bike features a forty pound flywheel with a smooth chain drive mechanism and heavy-duty crank. The bright gray and red exterior are very eye-catching, while the tough design can handle a max user weight up to two hundred and seventy-five pounds.

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Sunny Health & Fitness Pro Indoor Cycling Bike
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This is a budget-friendly model that offers the basics of indoor cycling. While it doesn’t come with some indoor cycling features most users look for on a spin bike, it does offer a more challenging workout, which is often a priority for consumers who are serious about getting in shape.

Sunny Health and Fitness Spin Bike Assessment and Features

This durable, yet low priced training bike offers a variety of challenging workouts. Whether your goal is strength training, weight loss, or preparing for riding outdoors, this spin bike will whip you into shape. The best feature is the bike’s forty pound flywheel, with a quiet and smooth operation. Buyers can also use SPD pedals or any type of road bike pedals in order to enjoy a faster, more challenging ride.

The bike’s sturdy steel frame can handle a higher max user weight, and its solid construction ensures that this model can take plenty of use and abuse.  Putting this bike together is incredibly easy, requiring only twenty to thirty minutes of assembly time.

The pedals include straps and toe clips. You can add any type of standard bike pedals to the frame.

The saddle is highly adjustable, which makes this bike ideal for most people ranging in height from five feet up to six feet. The handlebars are also adjustable.

An Indoor Cycling Bike That Offers the Basics

This is a very basic trainer. You won’t find a console, which means there’s no fitness feedback or workout guidance.  This model is very similar to an outdoor bike in the sense that the features are minimal and it doesn’t provide any type of workout data such as calories burned, distance traveled or speed.

Obviously, without a console, there are no entertainment features. Other models offer iPod compatibility, built-in speakers and a media shelf and hi-def LCD screens.

This no frills model also doesn’t come with a water bottle holder or a product warranty.

This bike is perfect for beginners or even experienced cyclists who want a more challenging training session.

The bike’s adjustable resistance levels allow the rider to tailor the intensity of their workouts to meet their individual fitness goals.

The heavier flywheel is one of the biggest selling points, considering a heavier flywheel means a more challenging workout. The flywheel’s weight is also important because it can provide a smoother ride and pedaling motion.

The bike allows for a wide variety of resistance settings. Like many other models in this price range, the resistance knob is not marked. Which means to change the resistance, the rider will need to turn the knob to the left to decrease the resistance or turn it to the right to increase it. When the knob is turned it will loosen or tighten two felt brake pads which are situated on either side of the flywheel. When the user is finished working out, there’s a lever that can be pushed down on to put the brakes on hard in order to stop the flywheel instantly, which makes dismounting the bike much safer.

The brake pads are pretty durable and do not need to be replaced frequently. The manufacturer states they must be replaced every six months. The assembly instructions include information regarding how to switch out the brake pads, which is a fairly straightforward process.  However, the resistance is provided by caliper style brakes, which you’ll often find on road bikes. These brakes must be adjusted properly in order to get them to sit right and grip the flywheel.

This model utilizes a chain type drive that’s similar to what you’ll see on a traditional bike and must be maintained in the same way. This means it can become loose at it beds in. If this occurs, it must be tightened. This can be accomplished by moving the flywheel forward.

The chain drive is much noisier than a belt driven system and can require ongoing maintenance. However, it has a reputation of lasting longer than the belt drive systems which often require replacement once they have become stretched out.

The pedals will come with only toe cups. These cups are a little on the small side. Rider’s with larger feet may need to replace them, which is easy to do as the bike takes standard pedals. The pedal’s cup straps can be adjusted to allow for rider’s with different shoe sizes, which makes this feature perfect for homes with more than one cyclist.

The crankset that the pedals screw into are solid, with no play in them. They’ll work to support the rider’s weight when they’re standing up on the seat, which will offer the rider more workout versatility and intensity.

Indoor Cycling Bike Pros and Cons

Sunny Health & Fitness Pro Indoor Cycling BikePros: This indoor cycling bike is one of the more affordable models on the market. While it doesn’t offer the type of bells and whistles you’ll find on higher priced models, it does feature a high-quality steel frame construction, larger than average flywheel, and a heavy-duty chain drive mechanism. While there are more affordable bikes on the market, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better deal for a model that offers this type of quality. Fully assembled, this bike weighs one hundred and eight pounds and features forward mounted transport wheels, which will allow you to easily move this bike from room to room.

Unlike other bikes in this price range, this model is fully adjustable in order match the user’s riding style and height. The saddle has both up and down and forward and backward adjustment knobs, which will enable the rider to change and lock the seat position in just a few seconds. The handlebars can also be adjusted up and down, to help the rider to achieve a more comfortable riding angle.

Cons: A big downside for many consumers is the lack of a console. Other models in this price range will offer a basic one that will display important workout data that will allow the rider to track their workout progress daily.

Sunny Health and Fitness Conclusion and Rating

The Sunny Health and Fitness Pro indoor cycling bike isn’t a bike that’s packed with features, but its heavier flywheel will provide seasoned cyclists exactly what they need and that’s a tougher, more challenging workout. Cyclists who purchased this bike gave it a rating of five out of five stars for quality, flywheel weight, and overall quality.

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