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Exercise Bike vs Treadmill- The Pros and Cons

Exercise Bike vs Treadmill Which One Is Better?

When it comes to cardio exercise equipment, the most commonly used and most popular options for the past several years have been exercise bikes and treadmills. Both of them have a loyal following which swears by the benefits they provide. However, as with everything else, both of them are bound to have their benefits as well as their disadvantages. This is especially necessary to know since most homeowners do not have the kind of space to accommodate both options.

Hence it becomes a necessity to decide upon one of the two options, either due to practical or monetary reasons. Here, we will try to list the major pros and cons and provide you with an exercise bike vs treadmill showdown. We’ll do this by comparing each attribute we consider necessary for a good workout and pit them against each other.

1.      Convenience:

The first aspect which strikes a person while using exercise equipment is to see if it is convenient to use. Both treadmills and exercise bikes rank equally here. Both do not require too much space, do not need any sort of setup after they are assembled once and can be started off in a few seconds at the most. They are also fairly simple to use and do not require any prior explanation since the processes are mostly self-explanatory. So, the first attribute results in an even draw for both pieces of equipment.

2.      Cost:

For a lot of people, the cost is a major issue while making an investment and is a major point in the exercise bike vs treadmill debate. A piece of exercise equipment is a definite cost worth evaluating before committing to the expense. When compared across various segments and price ranges, exercise bikes end up costing less than treadmills. What is more, even the maintenance cost is lesser for exercise bikes since the only moving parts are the wheel and belt, which are not very complex setups. However, maintaining a treadmill may end up being costlier due to the price of parts and the work involved in repairing it.

The price of electricity may also be an issue for people in some countries. Most treadmills use electricity to rotate the belt which uses a fair bit of electricity. Exercise bikes, on the other hand, use the energy created by the pedaling action of the rider to power the LED displays. Even the models that utilize electricity use it for mainly varying the intensity of the workout and use far less electricity than treadmills.

The exercise bike is a definite winner here.

3.      Efficiency:

The most important factor to measure here is how well the machine does its job- after all, the primary aim is to burn calories. According to various studies, treadmills burn more calories than exercise bikes on a per hour basis since they require the whole body to move and the legs to carry the weight of the entire body. They can burn up to 640 calories per hour. Exercise bikes, however, majorly involve only the lower body and the abs and back to a certain extent. Hence they can burn about 550 calories per hour of exercise

However, the calculation isn’t that simple. There are several other factors to be considered. For one, the treadmill is a lot more tiring and most people can’t put in more than 20-30 minutes on the treadmill at one go. The exercise bike, however, is a lot more comfortable, less taxing and a lot of people can cycle for sessions as long as 45 minutes. So typically, typical sessions on an exercise bike vs treadmill burn approximately an equivalent number of calories.

Also, if you are into mixing up your workout by including Tabata or HIIT, the exercise bike is a better option since you can exert yourself a lot more on the bike.

Exercise bikes are also a lot less boring and tiring than treadmills. Studies have shown that treadmill users are more likely to quit working out due to boredom rather than exercise bike users.

For this attribute, there isn’t too much of a difference between both but the other options tilt the scales slightly in favor of the exercise bike.

4.      Comfort:

When it comes to comfort while exercising, the exercise bike is miles ahead of the treadmill. Not only can you adjust the seat height, you can also move the seat forward or back depending upon the position which best suits you. If you want to exercise your lower abs, you can just reduce your seat height and ensure that the angle between your back and legs is reduced. If you want to relax your back, you can push back your seat and allow a straighter seating position.

Treadmills, however, have none of these settings. You are in the same position irrespective of the type of workout, duration or intensity. This is one of the main reasons why treadmill users drop out of their workouts. Also, while working out, your complete focus needs to be on your body to ensure that you do not slip or fall off the treadmill.

For exercise bike owners, even if they are tired after a hard day at work, they can push the seat back, get a gel seat to soften the seating surface, and cycle at low speeds while reading a book or checking their email.

5.      Safety:

Safety is another major aspect to consider before buying any exercise equipment, and it is here that the exercise bike vs treadmill contest becomes clearly one-sided.

While both of these equipments are stationary by themselves, the treadmill requires constant motion of your whole body and you have no support whatsoever. In the case of exercise bikes, you are always seated and the only parts moving are your legs. Also, the exercise bike is powered by the rider. The speed and the stops are dependent only upon the rider. If you feel tired, all you have to do is reduce your own speed, much like a regular bike. The only difference is that you don’t need the brakes and are in no danger of hitting anyone ahead of you. The worst that can happen is that your foot might slip off the pedal and you might get a sharp rap on the shins, which, while painful for a few minutes, is not a serious injury by any stretch of imagination.

Cycling is also a low impact exercise which is easy on the knees and great for the elderly and people suffering from joint pains.

Treadmills require you to be constantly aware of your surroundings. One misstep and you can miscalculate your landing or speed and fall off the treadmill, especially at higher speeds. Also, you cannot stop suddenly without having to press the emergency stop button since the treadmill belt rotates automatically independent of the user. If you suddenly feel weak or dizzy, there is a high chance of falling off the treadmill and hurting yourself badly.

Also, while they are padded, constant use of the treadmill can cause joint pain since running is a high-impact exercise and places considerable strain on the ankle and knee joints. Hence, it is not a recommended exercise with family histories of arthritis, joint pains and those with prior ligament injuries.


After comparing all these major aspects, the eventual outcome is that exercise bikes are cheaper, safer, more versatile, more engaging and can be used by everyone in the family- ranging from adolescents to the elderly. Hence, an exercise is a much better investment compared to a treadmill.

How to Terminate Mummy Tummy

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Even if you exercised during your pregnancy, you can still get ‘Mummy Tummy’

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Mothers all over the world share one thing in common. No matter how easy or hard the labor of their child, they mummy tummy still strikes. Now it isn’t necessarily your fault, according to science but that doesn’t mean it is not up to you to fix it. What exactly am I talking about? Well actually 1 exercise 10 minutes a day that can shrink your belly by inches, this isn’t an infomercial for some miracle cream or fitness machine. No, this particular exercise just requires you & a mat. That being said, before I drop this knowledge I would advise you to look into an excellent home fitness machine like our guide on one of the best spin bikes on the market. OR something compact and efficient like the ab carver pro roller.

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So let’s get into the nitty gritty of this “miracle” workout that some women call it. First, let’s look into the science.
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When a woman is pregnant with her child, most doctors agree that a mother should maintain an active, healthy life to prevent childhood obesity, high blood pressure & harm to their own body. Even though you may follow a healthy lifestyle, you may still experience the mummy tummy. That is because when you are giving birth, the child actually pushes your lower abdominal muscles out of place. That’s right; your lower abdominals are literally hanging out there, they need help. Now, this exercise isolates that area and rebuilds their strength and therefore shrinks they belly by inches on average.

Just a 10-minute workout, once a day? Is it that simple?

That’s it, and you just need to stand up or lay down and take deep breaths while concentrating on your lower abdominals. This is a fundamental exercise that when done properly should yield results within a month. I wish every exercise were this simple! I will advise people once again not to limit themselves to just this one exercise. IF you are serious about returning your body to its former glory or better. I would suggest you follow a proper fitness program or invest in good home exercise equipment to keep you fit at home. Even with all the best equipment, it’s best not to stress eat everything in the kitchen, in the fitness world we always say “abs are made in the kitchen.” You’re the biggest battle with your body starts with your mouth aka your diet.

Sound familiar to you Yogi’s?

If this exercise sounds familiar, maybe you’ve attended a Yoga class before. “Kapalabhathi” is a method practiced in the 15th-century yoga text Hatha Yoga Pradīpikā, a historian of the Haṭhayoga project at SOAS London University confirms this. If you dig into the phrase, it comes down to two works in Sanskrit: kapala, which means skull, and bhati, that translates to light.

In the 15th Century, Kapalabhathi had one simple purpose: to remove stuffiness from your throat and chest.

It should be noted that removing phlegm does not actually improve postpartum abdominal problems. If you dig deeper, you can still see considerable similarities though. That’s because many times these Yogi techniques were considered as “cure-alls” to alleviate pain and abnormalities. This exercise could be one of those cases. It’s amazing how we just happen upon science sometimes.

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4 Quick Exercises You Can Do In A Hotel / Motel

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“My hotel room basically doesn’t have a gym and I just downed an entire pizza. In need of a way to burn calories fast!”

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What’s more aggravating, going to a hotel or motel and discovering that they don’t have a gym or finding their gym just to find a pile of broken equipment?


Whatever one is worse for you, either way, you need a solution. Personally, I got tired of dealing with this pain in the tuchus & invested in a taiy fitness system. If you are short on cash after forking over your last 150 bucks on a hotel room or you are just trying to find a quick equipment-free workout. My quick guide will show you four exercises that can kick your butt. Not only that but I will also introduce you to the best fitness app for the game.

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Quick 4 Exercises to Burn Off Fat While On The Go In Hotels

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Let’s get started

Exercise #1

The Burpee is essentially a full body exercise that when done properly will kill your lungs & limbs simultaneously. Military & boot camp trainers utilize the Burpee to push their clients into overdrive. Sometimes they even super-set the Burpee with a spin bike, just in case you wanted an early death. If you can do ten consecutive burpees in a short time frame with no breaks, you sir are pretty fit! We suggest amateurs to attempt five full burpees, that is starting in the push-up position, continuing to lift your knees to your chest & hopping up as if you were reaching a pull-up bar. Then replacing your arms to the floor, stretching to push up position & doing one push up. That’s it. It’s a real pain good time!

Exercise #2
Slow mountain climbers

A mountain climber has nothing to do with a billy goat, more relation to the activity. Essentially it’s a form of slow abdominal torture that has the added benefit of hitting your legs and creating lower body exercise. When done slowly, you activate your fast-twitch muscles. The fast-twitch fibers are the same that you would use for Anaerobic exercises like sprinting or strength-based training. The motion is far from comfortable, and it really hits your stabilizers.

To perform a Mountain Climber: drop down to the push-up position and slowly bring one knee to the side of your chest. Continue to bring that knee back down and repeat on the opposite side. Time is your friend in this exercise, just performing ten on both sides in a slow manner (somewhere around 1 minute). Will crush you (in a good way, promise).

Exercise #3
Pyramid Push-Ups

For our third exercise, we are going to dig deeper into the upper body portion. Not only that, this particular exercise is essentially 10-in-1. Let’s dig deeper into what a “pyramid” is. When super-setting an exercise in a “pyramid,” you perform repetitions in sequence up to ten. So you would do one push up, break; then complete 2, break; 3 &, etc. This cadence essentially forces your body to its limit because, in the end, you are doing over 100 repetitions in total. Also, remember that patience is a virtue. Perform your exercises slowly and breathe properly during reps.

You can choose from a basic push up or wide. The wider you are in your form, the more you will activate your chest muscles. This all depends on your goals, and I am kind of obsessed with my chest muscles. So I hit them all the time when doing pyramid pushups! (pic of me)

Exercise #4
Calf raises

Last but not least, we get to the calf raise. The most neglected exercise out there. I was tempted to end this with a cardio based workout, but I would suggest just waiting until you could find a spin bike or elliptical if you want to get some cardio.


To perform a calf raise, simply stand up straight. Then place your feet about 6 inches apart, continue to lift your heels from your toes and flex your calves.


That’s it! This simple exercise routine can absolutely crush your expectation. If you’re looking for something a bit more structured and challenging, I have to suggest the Freeletics app on iOs and Android. It is an all-in-one fitness app that is basically a gym in a phone. You can even get personalized fitness and nutrition plans!


Aqua Spinning Buyers Guide + Deconstructed

What is Aqua Spinning & where can I find an aquatic exercise bike?

From regular spinning to kickboxing and Crossfit, all of the different fitness crazes right now may make it hard to figure out what’s best for you. Whether or not you’ve been to a fitness class before or even if you haven’t worked out in a group before, there’s no reason you can’t look into a group class like Aqua spinning. However, once you try an aqua spin class for yourself, you’ll be hooked.

It’s literally underwater spinning class on a pool bicycle

A pool bicycle is coming to a gym near you or already available at your local pool, aqua spinning it the latest fitness craze that takes your cardio workout underwater. An energetic combination of swimming and cycling, aqua spinning is a group workout that leaves your body feeling refreshed while keeping your muscles hard at work.
Just like any standard spinning class, aqua spinning starts at the ground level and then takes the work out into the pool. Most classes integrate some of the best spin bikes like the Keiser M3i on the market that are also rust proof for obvious reasons. While the music plays and your classmate’s splash, your aqua spinning workout will make your fitness session fly by. You may have trouble adjusting to working out underwater since the resistance in the water is much stronger than that of normal spinning. With a standard 45 minute class of aqua spinning, your quads and calves will be feeling the burn in no time.

Men should be sure to wear the proper clothing

Newbies to aqua spinning will definitely want to make sure to wear shorts and as tight of clothing as possible. New spinners that make the mistake of wearing loose clothing will soon find out just how difficult it is to spin underwater with an inflated shirt or bloated yoga pants. Additionally, it is important to wear the right footwear. Tight sneakers are a must when cycling underwater, as having loose shoes or sandals may result in an underwater injury.

The Benefits of Aqua Spinning

With aqua spinning, the body can burn about 800 calories kilocalories and hour underneath the water. The pressure and support of the water works to accelerate blood circulation, which then helps to facilitate the elimination of fat. Additionally, the sheer nature of cycling combined with the added water pressure will increase your blood flow which works to keep your muscles energized. With the hydrostatic pressure, your legs will ultimately feel lighter as you cycle underwater. This feeling is what makes Aqua spinning such a great option for pregnant women, athletes or amateurs in recovery, or anyone new to the fitness lifestyle. The zero gravity of the water is incredibly accommodating for those that suffer from joint pain or muscular problems.

Best for those with injuries

Aqua cycling is essentially impact free and is a really great alternative to running or similar cardio. While good for the body, running can have several long-term impacts on the body. If you would prefer something other than an exerpeutic folding magnetic upright bike with pulse you should aim for this aquatic alternative. The free flowing nature of water puts the body’s muscles at ease and allows for a great workout with minimal soreness and very little strain on the body. Being in the water keeps the body’s heartbeat frequency 10% lower than what it would be on land. With aqua spinning, the body is working at a higher intensity while maintaining a lower heart rate. This ultimately will work to improve your body’s endurance as you continue to practice aqua spinning.

Breathing exercise for good workout habits

Cycling underwater will help you to be mindful of the way you breathe while working out. When the majority of your body is submerged, you will naturally focus more on your breathing. Additionally, with proper breathing, your muscles will have more oxygen, which will keep them functioning at their best. Working out surrounded by flowing water keeps your body cool and helps to prevent you from having to catch your breath like you might need to if you were working out in the hot sun.


With all the wonderful benefits of aqua spinning, there really is no reason to not give it a try. The soothing cool calm of the pool paired with that incredible post-workout high is something that can only be found in a class like this. If you want to give your muscles a break from all the high impact above-ground cardio, check out your local gym for the next available spin class. Once you have your first chance to cycle in the water, you’ll never go back to regular cycling again.


The Beginners Guide to Fasted Cardio

So you want to do fasted cardio?

In recent times, fasted cardio has gained a lot of popularity as an excellent way to lose weight faster than through normal methods. The benefit that fasted cardio has over traditional cardio is that it increases fat burn rate and improves metabolism. This is the reason why weight loss is accelerated with fasted cardio.

Before we move any further, we first need to understand what fasted cardio is. Most people are under the impression that fasted cardio is cardio done on an empty stomach. This is not true! Your body might not be in a fasted state even if your stomach is empty. For your session of cardio to count as fasted cardio, your body needs to be in a fasting state. Let us first understand what this means.

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What Is A Fasting State?

To understand this, we need to know how the digestive process in our body works. Once you ingest food, it reaches your stomach and is broken down into its constituent parts by the stomach acids- for example, fat, carbohydrates, proteins etc. After this, these constituent parts are absorbed into the blood in the small intestine. At this point, your stomach would be empty. But, this is not considered a fasting state- it is merely called the post prandial state. A fasted state is when these nutrients are absorbed into the cells from the blood. This is where the hormone insulin comes in. Insulin does the job of transporting the nutrients from your blood to your cells for storage. When this is happening, your levels of insulin are elevated, and the level of elevation depends upon the composition of your meal and the amount of food you have eaten.

Once the job has been completed, the levels of insulin go back to normal, baseline levels. This is what is called the fasted state. Essentially, this means that your stomach might feel empty much before you actually achieve a fasted state- which usually takes upto two- three hours, depending on what is eaten.

It might be difficult for most people to go without eating for so long during the daytime, especially when one leaves an active life. This is why most people choose to perform fasted cardio in the early morning, possibly on a machine like an exerpeutic folding magnetic upright bike.

However, contrary to what some people believe, just attaining a fasted state does not automatically ensure that you lose weight. To lose weight, the body needs to be subject to a calorie deficit i.e., you need to ingest lesser calories than what you burn. If you don’t exercise, it is very difficult for it to achieve a calorie deficit state without being subject to chances of malnutrition.

How Is Fasted Cardio Beneficial?

Now, we need to understand how fasted cardio helps in losing weight faster. For starters, several studies have shown that people who perform fasted cardio can burn up to 20% more calories than people who take light meals up to an hour before their workouts. Obviously, the higher burn rate of calories directly translates to faster weight loss.

There are also several studies which show that performing cardio in a fasted state can lead to an increase in fat oxidation rate and lipolysis. Lipolysis is the process of fat cells breaking down to provide energy. When this energy is used by cells, it is called fat oxidation. This means that, while performing fasted cardio, your body breaks down fat cells to provide you with the energy which is used to fuel your workout. This is because the body doesn’t have any other place to acquire the energy from.

Another benefit of performing fasted cardio is that the blood flow in the abdominal region increases in the fasted state. This fact is of critical importance, especially because increased blood-flow means that more fat burning chemicals are transported to that particular area and the fat cells are broken down to energy. While performing fasted cardio, this energy can be utilized efficiently which results in loss of the stubborn fat from the abdominal area, which is perhaps the most desired area to lose fat in and provides quickly visible results.

From the information mentioned above, it is quite evident that fasted cardio is an excellent way to lose weight quickly. The effect is markedly more prominent when this is done in conjunction with a good diet through the rest of the day.

Cons of Fasted Cardio:

First and foremost, it is important to understand that fasted cardio is employed by people who wish to use weight. Performing fasted cardio will almost undoubtedly lead to loss of lean muscle since lean muscle is also burnt in the process along with fat. Hence people looking to bulk up should practice caution while employing this technique.

Another important point to consider that you will have considerably lesser energy while performing fasted cardio. This is because glucose isn’t readily available to you. Hence, your workouts will feel more sluggish and tiring. You should only perform fasted cardio if you believe that this is a fair trade- off for losing weight quickly.

Benefits Of Cardio + Ultimate Indoor Cycling Guide

How Often Should I Do Cardio?

Ideally, if you are doing only cardio, you need to be doing it atlas 45 minutes a day, every day. But if you are just starting off, you need to start getting up to 20 minutes a day, three days a week. You can use the bicycle once a week during this phase. This can help you lose up to 1-1.5 pounds a month.

Next, you need to move up to half an hour a day, every day. At this stage, you should be cycling about 2-3 days a week. If you do it right, with proper diet, it is possible to lose up to 3 pounds a month.

For best results, you should aim for 45 minutes of high-intensity cardio for about 45 minutes per day, with 3 days of cycling in a week. Combined with the right diet, you can lose up to 4-5 pounds a month with this and also improve upon you Basal Metabolic Rate drastically.

Titan Fitness_728x90

Everyone who has ever tried to stay fit or lose weight has heard the term ‘cardio’ being thrown around everywhere they go. And upon hearing it, a few questions do crop up in mind. You’ve probably asked yourself- What is cardio? How often should I do cardio? Is cardio really beneficial for me? We’ll answer all these questions and more in this article.

What Is Cardio?

Cardio is used to denote cardiovascular fitness, which means the overall fitness of the heart and the circulatory system. Cardio may also be sometimes referred to as aerobic exercises, or simply aerobics. This is meant to describe exercises which require oxygenated blood to be pumped to the heart at a faster rate than normal in order to supply oxygen to the muscles and other organs in the body.

This form of exercise is understood to strengthen the heart and the circulatory system in addition to burning calories and assisting in weight loss.

What Are The Benefits Of Cardio?

Cardio is perhaps the best activity to get started off with if you are looking to make improvements in your lifestyle.

Some of the benefits of cardio include a stronger cardio vascular system, increased lung capacity, reduction in stress levels, relief from insomnia, higher levels of energy, increased bone density, reduction in blood pressure, reduction in chances of heart disease, strokes, cancer and several other conditions and loss of weight.

What Is The Best Way To Perform Cardio?

There are innumerable ways in which you can perform cardio. It might be walking, jogging, running, skipping, swimming or even using mechanical alternatives like treadmills, cross-trainers and bicycles.

However, among all the above, an exercise bike can provide immense benefits. This is because they are cheap, efficient, don’t take up too much space and engage the entire lower body.


What Are The Benefits Of Exercise Bikes?

There are four major benefits of exercise bikes:



Also called spin bikes, they are pretty cheap to come by and don’t need access to expensive memberships like swimming pools, Zumba studios, aerobics facilities etc.



Proper training equipment can take up a lot of space in the house. But a well- designed spin bike can be tucked away in a closet, or put in the corner of a room without wasting precious space.


  • They Burn More Calorie Than Traditional Cardio:


Walking burns up to 250 calories per hour. Swimming burns up to 400 calories per hour. Cycling can burn in excess of 500 calories per hour. Effectively, more calories burnt in a lesser amount of time makes a great workout- any day!


  • They Are Extremely Safe:


There are several safety issues when it comes to jogging, running and swimming, and a much higher chance of injuries as well. With a spin bike, you can work out to your heart’s content at any time of the day, within the cozy confines of your home and ensure that there are no freak accidents either. It really doesn’t get safer than sitting in one place and moving your legs. Plus, cycling is very easy on the joints compared to other techniques like jogging, skipping, pilates etc.



Most cardio workouts are known to aid in weight loss. This means that they burn fat. But what most people don’t know is that they also end up burning lean muscle, which some people don’t find desirable. An alternative is cycling. Since it is a mechanical process, the resistance level can be increased, which can stimulate the muscle building process in the lower body. This is why several athletes prefer to opt for high-intensity cycling exercises to meet their cardio requirements.