How to Terminate Mummy Tummy

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Even if you exercised during your pregnancy, you can still get ‘Mummy Tummy’

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Mothers all over the world share one thing in common. No matter how easy or hard the labor of their child, they mummy tummy still strikes. Now it isn’t necessarily your fault, according to science but that doesn’t mean it is not up to you to fix it. What exactly am I talking about? Well actually 1 exercise 10 minutes a day that can shrink your belly by inches, this isn’t an infomercial for some miracle cream or fitness machine. No, this particular exercise just requires you & a mat. That being said, before I drop this knowledge I would advise you to look into an excellent home fitness machine like our guide on one of the best spin bikes on the market. OR something compact and efficient like the ab carver pro roller.

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So let’s get into the nitty gritty of this “miracle” workout that some women call it. First, let’s look into the science.
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When a woman is pregnant with her child, most doctors agree that a mother should maintain an active, healthy life to prevent childhood obesity, high blood pressure & harm to their own body. Even though you may follow a healthy lifestyle, you may still experience the mummy tummy. That is because when you are giving birth, the child actually pushes your lower abdominal muscles out of place. That’s right; your lower abdominals are literally hanging out there, they need help. Now, this exercise isolates that area and rebuilds their strength and therefore shrinks they belly by inches on average.

Just a 10-minute workout, once a day? Is it that simple?

That’s it, and you just need to stand up or lay down and take deep breaths while concentrating on your lower abdominals. This is a fundamental exercise that when done properly should yield results within a month. I wish every exercise were this simple! I will advise people once again not to limit themselves to just this one exercise. IF you are serious about returning your body to its former glory or better. I would suggest you follow a proper fitness program or invest in good home exercise equipment to keep you fit at home. Even with all the best equipment, it’s best not to stress eat everything in the kitchen, in the fitness world we always say “abs are made in the kitchen.” You’re the biggest battle with your body starts with your mouth aka your diet.

Sound familiar to you Yogi’s?

If this exercise sounds familiar, maybe you’ve attended a Yoga class before. “Kapalabhathi” is a method practiced in the 15th-century yoga text Hatha Yoga Pradīpikā, a historian of the Haṭhayoga project at SOAS London University confirms this. If you dig into the phrase, it comes down to two works in Sanskrit: kapala, which means skull, and bhati, that translates to light.

In the 15th Century, Kapalabhathi had one simple purpose: to remove stuffiness from your throat and chest.

It should be noted that removing phlegm does not actually improve postpartum abdominal problems. If you dig deeper, you can still see considerable similarities though. That’s because many times these Yogi techniques were considered as “cure-alls” to alleviate pain and abnormalities. This exercise could be one of those cases. It’s amazing how we just happen upon science sometimes.

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How to get rid of postpartum mummy tummy
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How to get rid of postpartum mummy tummy
The cure to the dreaded mummy tummy is actually a quick exercise, read more inside and listen to a wonderful podcast on the topic.
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