Keiser M3i Product Review

Keiser M3i VS the Keiser M3 Plus Indoor Cycle

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- Bluetooth computer
- Free Application
- Lightweight
- Magnetic Resistance
Max weight: 300 lbs
- Portable? Yes.
- Warranted? Yes.

M3 Plus Indoor Cycle

- Easy to assemble
- Highly durable
- Lightweight
Max weight: 300 lbs
- Portable? Yes.
- Warranted? Yes.
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Schwinn AC Performance Plus

- Req. Video Asmbly.
- Rides Rough
- Heavier but portable
Max weight: 300 lbs
- Portable? Barely.
- Warranted? Yes.
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The Keiser M series indoor spin bikes are some of the best multi-purpose workout cycles that are guaranteed to help you with your routine exercise. You can always utilize them at home or in the gym. Besides, they are highly portable and can easily slide along for storage as well as work-out positioning.

Its latest model the Keiser M3i spin bike has a sleek new design as well as color. It is an upgrade from the Keiser M3 plus indoor cycle and is highly featured with the latest cutting edge technology so as to ease and maximize your workout experience. Besides, it has highly adjustable handles which it retained from the M3 plus indoor cycle.

The Keiser spin bike surpasses the most competition in its class.

Moreover, it is the first Keiser M series bike to feature a Bluetooth wireless computer which enables you to download its data using some of its featured apps into your tablet or smart phone for easier workouts. You can also analyze and track your performance using its free app.

The Keiser M3i is built to accommodate all riders and can support up to 300lbs of weight. Besides, its rear wheel is designed in a manner that it protects the whole Keiser spin bike from corrosion and sweat. It is also all-stainless steel and highly durable.

Importance of a low maintenance bike is paramount

This spin bike is built entirely around you and is quite reliable and low-maintenance when it comes to using. It also works silently and comes with a magnetic-resistance technology for effective repeatability as well as to reduce wear.

It also has a revolutionary re-designed bike pedal that is highly secure and steady. You just flip the pedal and insert your foot. Besides, they have straps for securing your foot, in case you overwork yourself to oblivion.

This v-shaped spin bike is ideal for single and group exercise classes as data from the M3i computer can be projected easily onto a display for group riders to use.

However, it does not come cheap but its tech features, as well as functionality, make it worth all the cost.

It is also highly durable and comes with a 10-year warranty on frame and a 3-year warranty on cylinders, processor boxes, displays as well as thumb buttons. The plastics which include upholstery, paint, and grips fall under a 90-day warranty. Its compressor, dryer, pulleys, and bearing have a 2-year warranty while the chrome parts have a one-year warranty.

It is the best and most ideal Keiser M series indoor spin bikes for the money, especially if you love tracking your sessions and checking on your improvements daily.


Features of the Keiser M3i

  • It has 24 magnetic resistance levels that enable it to accommodate people of different fitness levels. This guarantees some challenging and varied workout sessions for experts as well as newbies in the fitness and exercise department. Likewise, this magnetic resistance delivers a road-like smooth experience as you ride it
  • This indoor spin bike comes with an advanced Bluetooth wireless technology and a free app for easier transfer of data from its computer to your iOS and Android smartphone. Besides, it can easily connect to your phone hassle free
  • It comes with a four-way adjustable seat as well as handlebars for convenience. You can simply adjust its seat using a pull-pin while the handlebars can move up, down, back and forward to accommodate your body and make your workout sessions comfortable and easy
  • This Keiser M3i has convenient transport wheels on its  front base for easy transport as well as storage
  • It also features a water bottle holder for convenience purposes. This is an upgrade not found in the other M series bikes
  • It has a backlit sensor that often detects ambient light levels in the room and automatically turns on only when needed
  • It comes with an LCD display readout which features power output in watts/Kcal, heart rate, elapsed time, current gear or resistance level as well as cadence and odometer/trip distance. This enables you to track your workout time, pulse, RPM, power, and distance easily
  • This series of M Keiser spin bike comes with a convenient media tray for phone and tablet placement
  • It features a V-shaped frame and handlebar combination that can accommodate all riders


  • It is easy to assemble
  • It is ideal for home use as well as group exercise classes
  • It is highly durable and made from a rust-resistance stainless steel hardware and rear flywheel
  • It is also lightweight and superior when it comes to transport and functionality
  • It operates quietly and smoothly
  • It has robust adjustment knobs that require less maintenance


  • When it comes to Bluetooth connectivity this Keiser spin bike can only connect to a number of limited apps on an iOS and Android Phone

Difference between Keiser M3 plus and Keiser M3i

The Keiser M series spin bikes are all the same and different in so many ways. For instance, the M3i is much better than its first edition the Keiser M3 plus indoor bike in so many ways from the design to the tech devices found in it. Some of the differences are visible and easy to see while others are a bit technical and require expert analysis.

The M3+ spin bike is as good as any indoor spin bike but it is no “I” series as it lacks Bluetooth connectivity and a free app for easy transfer of data from its computer. Besides, you can track and analyze your workout sessions with the improved version.

The M3 only allows you to see how you perform while working out but it does not record or upload any data for future analysis.

Moreover, the Keiser M3 plus handlebars do not move horizontally, this can be a problem to most people because as you increase its height it moves away from you and as you lower it they get closer to you. This can highly reduce your chances of maximizing its benefits as you cannot work-out some routines without the handlebars.

Likewise, it can be uncomfortable as not everybody has the same torso or leg measurement even if they are the same height. You can end up with a handlebar too close for comfort or far away from reach.

But the M3i Keiser spin bike is far better and advanced when it comes to handlebars. Its handlebars often move horizontally to accommodate the 45-degree angle of the vertical adjustment. This enables you to set the bike into a comfortable position without feeling crammed in a small space or stretched far away from its handlebars.

Besides, the handlebars of the M3i can also move upwards, downwards, backward and forwards so as to maximize your workout sessions.

The “i” series also has pre-set holes on its adjustment pole for safety and precaution. This is to allow the seat to slip to the nearest hole in case the adjustment knob has not been fully tightened. But you do not have to use them when adjusting the height of the seat as you can tighten it in place, into a height you want.

Moreover, they both have an LCD display unit for keeping track of distance, time as well as pulse and power output. The only difference is that the newer version has Bluetooth and wireless connectivity that makes it easy for group instructors to hook it to a receiver and project it on a big screen for the class to see.

The “i” series also has a convenient media tray for phones and tablets. You can listen to music as you work-out or watch movies and TV shows as you exercise.

They both have well-designed rear wheels that protect the whole spin bike from corrosion as well as sweat. You can exercise as long as you want and never worry about water or sweat spoiling the wheels or messing with your session.

Conclusively, they are both durable as well as highly functional and can last over a decade if well-maintained. They are also quiet, comfortable and easy to use. And both come with a free exercise mat.

Besides, they do not come cheap as the newer version is more expensive when compared to the Keiser M3 plus indoor cycle. But this is largely due to its upgraded tech devices as well as convenient and easy to use handlebars as well as other features.


Basically, if you want to track you workout session then the Keiser M3i is all you need. This Keiser spin bike can be used by anybody due to its V-shaped design as well as adjustable handlebars angles.

Moreover, it is easy to move, use as well as maintain and can fit in your home nicely. So, invest wisely when it comes to indoor cycles and go for this upgraded spin bike and you will never bother with actual road bikes or pay gym fees.

Besides, it can accommodate a maximum weight of 300lbs. You just adjust it accordingly and you will be fine, no stress no hustle.


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