Why Is Peloton So Expensive?

The peloton isn’t expensive to the people who love the sport.

Almost every person who is into indoor cycling of any kind has heard of the peloton- the behemoth that has become a status symbol of sorts for every cyclist out there. There has been so much said about it that almost everyone knows even the most intricate details about it. Right from the scintillating hardware, the display, the semi-celebrity fame of the trainers, the highly immersive user experience and the impressive enrolment- everything seems to be out of the world. Moreover, that includes the price.

It’s a premium bike with a premium price.

Yes, it’s true. The peloton costs approximately $2000, and you need to shell out even more than that to get the complete experience- including some very pricey attachments. Also, to the shock of most people, this cost does not include the fees for the classes, which cost $39 per month for an unlimited membership.

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Let’s see why the Peloton is so expensive.

1. The Peloton Is Made Of Premium Materials:

The significant expense in any hardware is mostly the raw materials used, and the Peloton is no different. It is made of carbon steel and aluminum and consists of a weighted flywheel to control the resistance. Added to this, it weighs about 130 pounds, which is bound to push up the number of raw materials used, and hence increase the necessary cost of the raw materials.

It’s appropriately engineered, with care.

The developers have also gone to great lengths to ensure that the equipment is hardy, lasts long and does not need much maintenance- case in point being the sweat proof display screen. They have also guaranteed that even the longest of workouts are comfortable with a supremely comfortable seat.

2. The Peloton Has The Latest Technology:

If this were not evident from the first look, we’d repeat it. The peloton is made using the best in class technology, which is essential keeping in mind the functionality it provides. The bike is engineered in such a way that it is a breeze to use. It doesn’t feel weighted, runs appropriately at the resistance levels selected and has a much HD touchscreen system mounted on it. If that is not enough, it can be connected to the internet and transmits high-quality videos in real time. It has heart-rate monitors, shows you the number of calories burnt accurately apart from several other metrics like resistance, cadence, etc. Many of these features can be found on other spin bikes but these add-ons are simply engineered properly and you have no concern over dependability.

You have the selection of a multitude of terrains.

It also allows you to select various terrains to practice on, which is a huge plus for many people. It should suffice to say that assembling all this onto a single bike and ensuring that it looks classy and elegant, while at the same time, works without a hitch take some serious investment, which is bound to push up the price.

3. The Peloton Gives You Access To Great Content:

Most people are on the fence with the Peloton primarily due to the high cost of accessing the videos and workout routines. However, what needs to be realized here is that this is the first time that any company is offering such a service that requires extensive high-quality equipment to be set up at various centers across the world to get you to connect with the best trainers available in the world today.

Like having a personal trainer for a fraction of the price.

Not to mention the vast amounts that must be paid to these coaches who are minor celebrities in their own right. These coaches have extensive experience and create the most high-grade content that you could ever ask for. Let’s say that almost every one of the customers who has purchased the Peloton has said that the bike is as good as any other bike if not for the videos it gives them access to. That should give you an idea of how amazing the content is. Unfortunately, Lance Armstrong is not on the list of trainers (I wish).

4. The Peloton Experience Is Out Of The World:

The peloton enables users to experience the feeling of an indoor cycling class live, without having to leave the comfort of their homes. Added to this, it provides real-time feedback to both the trainers and the users via the internet connected touch-screen which relays the trainer’s commands to the user and the user’s metrics to the trainer to enable the trainers to get more involved and motivate the user to do better.

You have a friendly yet competitive family of riders.

The most significant benefit of the peloton is the real-time leader-boards which show the users the position they are in based on the program they choose and their performance in the session thus far. This involves the users like nothing else can since this gives them an incentive to push themselves and also gets their competitive juices flowing, not to mention making it a fun activity for friends using the peloton to indulge in while in the confines of their own homes. Science shows the effectiveness of this form of training.

In the end, it is all about immersion.

The immersive experience keeps people coming back for more and helps them stick to the workout for far longer than they normally would since they don’t get bored and feel like they belong to a group or a team which works together.


The peloton is expensive not just because it provides both a superior product and service, but also because it allows for an excellent experience which is unmatched by any other product out there. Until another product or service comes up which can provide the same function and exceptional product, the peloton will continue to be priced the same way. While it may seem expensive to most people, the fact remains that sales and subscriptions are booming, implying that it appears to be a fair deal for many people.

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