Will Spin Class Help With Cycling?

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Spin classes are the latest craze in the fitness world today.

Everyone is espousing its health benefits, strength gains and a multitude of other positive things. Almost every city has spin classes being offered at essential fitness centers and gyms, and the trainers are much sought after.

Spin class is a group of people coming together and cycling, or spinning, as the trademark says, with an instructor who runs them through 30-60 minute class which varies every day based on the goals and requirements of the program.


Why are people looking into this form of exercise?


However, most people look for more than just health benefits and weight loss in spin class. Some true cycling aficionados want to improve their level of cycling. Would spin class help them improve upon this aspect? The following are some point which will help us determine if a spin class can help with cycling.

1. Spin class improves cardiovascular health:

This is a fact that no one can refute. Regularly spinning helps to build up your cardiovascular strength which means that your heart gets stronger and can pump a lot more blood than usual. While this stands true for almost every exercise, this effect becomes a lot more pronounced with the spin class. This fact in regards to the training is because spin classes typically employ several methods to keep track of the participant’s bodily functions.

This includes using a heart rate monitor to measure the heart rate levels of the participants through the course of the exercise. This enables the trainers to develop routines which are optimal for the participant, i.e., keeps their heart rate at a level which allows them to improve their cardiovascular fitness without excessively exhausting them.


Cardiovascular strength in a nutshell.

Therefore, regular spin classes, appropriately developed can certainly help build the cardiovascular strength that a cyclist requires to reach the next level. The best part is that this can be done scientifically by using the tools available in the spin class by a qualified training instructor which wouldn’t be typically available to you if you train by yourself.


2. Spin Class Improves Lower Body Strength:

Lower body strength is another aspect which is very important for severe cyclists for apparent reasons. Greater the lower body strength, the higher the power a cyclist can generate. This is of primary importance while accelerating or going up slopes or for that slight boost of speed required to edge ahead of their competitor at the fag end of the race.


Better than yoga because you pull a sweat.

Spin classes incorporate various routines stretched across different days. Each method has a specific goal. One familiar routine is the HIIT routine which involves spinning at maximum speed and intensity for a short amount of time followed by a brief period of complete rest. This kind of method has the benefit of targeting the fast twitch muscle fibers of the legs which are known to help develop strength and generate explosive power which is of the sort required for sudden acceleration and force.


Explosive training for added agility.

It also has the added benefit of preparing the body to conserve energy in cases where such explosive bursts need to be implemented several times, which mostly occurs on cycling tracks with a large number of sharp curves where the cyclist needs to slow down considerably, thereby reducing momentum and accelerate again once the curve has been negotiated.

3. Spin Class Helps Prepare For New Terrains:

What do you do when you have a race coming up in terrain which is hilly, but you live in a region where you can’t see even a small hill for miles? This is one of those situations where a spin class can help you out. When you are using one of the best spin bikes allow you to set the terrain and even program your circuits to help you develop your cycling skills across various environments and terrains.


A good trainer can make or break a class or schedule.

In combination with a good spin class trainer, this technique can help you get the training you require to make it big in unfamiliar terrain, while in the comfort of a gym right next to the home.

This kind of training can prove invaluable where your other competitors might not be able to adapt to the terrain as fast as you can. Even if you aren’t a professional cyclist and only pursue it as a hobby, a spin class can become a great way to enjoy and experience various terrains and test your skills at it, all the while improving your cycling skills.

4. Spin Classes Help You Gauge Your Weaknesses:

One of the best ways to improve your cycling is to identify your weaknesses and try to overcome them. Identifying gaps is the most challenging part here. However, when you go for spin classes, this changes. Spin classes enable you to minutely monitor your routine, heart rate, speed over specific intervals, record what terrains and methods you lag behind in, what points in the routine you are finding difficult to continue. All this data can end up helping you identify even the smallest of issues which can then help you understand how to target them and get rid of them to ensure you keep improving upon your performance week after week.

5. Spin Classes Can Prevent Overload:

One of the significant issues that long distance cyclists face is overload. Overload is pushing your body beyond levels that it can handle. When you overload, it results in many downtimes since you need to rest and allow your body to recuperate and recover from the ordeal.


Overload can be dangerous in real life.

This can happen at the most inopportune of times and can happen suddenly. For example, if you are out on a 20-mile ride in the countryside, ten miles to your finish point and back. When you reach your finish point, you realize that you are dehydrated and excessively tired with no way to contact anyone else. This means that you have no choice but to cycle back the rest of the 10 miles when you are exhausted beyond your capacity to withstand it. This leads to a severe overload on your body which can take a long time to recover from.


A spin class gives you the option to jump ship.

With spin class, you can opt to stop cycling at the point where you feel you can’t handle it anymore, and walk out of the gym and go back home in your car or get a cab. After a good night’s sleep, you can be back in the class the next day itself.


Spin classes can be used as a tool to help improve your cycling. Like any other tool, if used judiciously and cleverly, they can help make significant gains. The above points make it abundantly clear that spin classes can help with cycling in several ways. Check out our review of the sunny health indoor bike to grab one for your own home!


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